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So what can you do to help? Clothing swaps, rummage sales, and shopping WaterFreedom System Review  at thrift stores or eco-conscious ones are some ideas. Other pieces of advice include buying what you need, buying products made locally, choosing products with minimal packaging, watching what you eat, reusing and recycling, buying low-impact products, looking for durable products, and getting involved locally. Remember: every step you take counts towards a brighter, healthier and more sustainable world for everyone.

We are always looking for large ways to save more but sometimes eight little savings will equal more than one large one. Especially when it's something you use over and over. When stretching your money don't forget the small stuff. Even a savings of 2-3 percent on your budget will make a difference in the long run.If you buy your favorite cheese in a block form but seem to waste some before using it all. Dampen a paper towel in vinegar, then wrap the block before placing it in a zip plastic bag and storing in the refrigerator. The vinegar will extend the life of your cheese.

Another use for the waxed liner of your cereal boxes. Cookie storage. Recently I made 6 dozen cookies for two different events and needed something to separate and store the cooled cookies in. The waxed liners worked great! The thicker paper kept the cookies fresh, soft and easy to manage for delivery. Cheap night of entertainment….Host a small [6-8 people] potluck dinner, ask guests to bring their favorite movie, then vote on which ones to watch. This can be done with board games too, or do both, movies for the kids, games and conversation for the adults.



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