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Analyzing the Dominance of Top Supermarket Chains in the USA: Insights and Implications for 2024

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In 2024, Dollar General emerged as the dominant force in the US supermarket landscape, boasting 20,004 stores spread across 46 states. This colossal presence underscores its status as the largest supermarket chain in the nation, catering to diverse consumer needs for home and food items. Family Dollar and Kroger Company also command significant market shares, with 9,923 and 3,304 stores, further solidifying their retail positions. These three giants account for a substantial 78.7% share of the top 10 largest supermarkets. Such comprehensive data on market dominance offers invaluable insights for businesses and analysts seeking to understand consumer trends and formulate strategic initiatives within the retail sector.





  1. Dollar General will be the largest US supermarket chain in 2024, boasting a network of 20,004 stores across 46 states.
  2. Family Dollar and Kroger Company follow closely behind, with 9,923 and 3,304 stores contributing to their significant market presence.
  3. These top three supermarket chains collectively hold a 78.7% share of the top 10 largest supermarkets in the country.
  4. Dollar General's exceptional market dominance is evident, with its stores being the largest in 38 out of 55 states and territories.
  5. Family Dollar is the largest supermarket in nine states and territories, further solidifying its influence in the retail landscape.
  6. Kroger Company is the largest supermarket in 6 states and territories, showcasing its widespread reach and market penetration nationwide.


In 2024, Dollar General is the largest supermarket chain in the United States of America. Dollar General has a strong presence with its vast chain of stores in the country to serve the customers' needs for home and food items. Its vast inventory, competitive pricing scheme, and convenient locations are among the main reasons that have built up the reputation of this supermarket. The business attempting to scrape supermarket data for market analysis or strategic planning has a lot to benefit from Dollar General's significant presence and market share and is a target for data extraction and analysis.


Top Three Largest Supermarket Chains in the United States and Their Market Dominance in 2024

The supermarket data scraping services revealed that in 2024, three supermarket giants – Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Kroger Company – dominate the United States landscape, primarily reflected by the dense network of their locations. Dollar General is leading with 20,004 stores located in 46 states, proving its strength as the largest grocery store chain in the country. Family Dollar and Kroger are top US chains with 9923 and 3304 stores, respectively. These three account for a substantial section, with the trio taking up 78.7% of the top 10 largest supermarkets. Their vastness signifies their strong position to supply a wide range of grocery and family needs to consumers countrywide. For businesses and analysts who want to understand the supermarket scene and formulate strategic initiatives, studying Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Kroger Company market share and expansion is imperative to feed the data for market analysis and decision-making.


Discover the Top 10 Largest Supermarkets in the United States for 2024

Today, the leading players in the retail marketplace are only a few supermarket chains with networks of stores across the country, steadily growing to cover more area. However, Dollar General leads this band of giants, a titan with 20,004 stores across the country. The most prominent location of Dollar General is Texas, which accounts for a phenomenal 9% of the total number of Dollar General stores around the country.

After that, Family Dollar has 9923 stores that distribute inconceivably throughout the U.S. Texas is central to the business's footprint, with 1,232 Family Dollar stores, a remarkable 13% of the entire chain.

Simultaneously, Kroger Co. expands its business with 3304 stores across the U.S. California becomes the state with the most Kroger presence, with 299 outlets, which is about 10% of the entire chain.

ALDI is another major supermarket chain with 2,224 stores in the U.S., Florida, which is in the spotlight in the ALDI operation, with 212 stores constituting around 9.0% of the company's national distribution system.

The Albertsons Companies account for almost 25% of the market, with 2256 stores nationwide. California boasts 585 outlets, about a quarter of the Albertsons Companies' outlets.

Publix, which operates 1,506 stores, is concentrated in Florida, where 884 of them cover the grocery needs of the residents, which is 63% of all the stores in the chain.

Kroger's 17% of outlets, which operate 1123 stores situated in Texas, are proof of the importance of the market, which has 211 stores from those outlets.

Safeway Inc. has 918 stores nationwide. California is the location for the maximum number of stores, i.e., 252, which accounts for about 27% of the chain's national presence.

Costco has 580 stores and a very strong national presence. It has 145 stores in California, which is 19% of its total number.

Lastly, Sam's Club is on the list with 740 stores across the U.S., with the state of Texas carrying the lead with 80 stores, making it up to 14% of the national spread.

It is one of the ways through which supermarket giants strategically locate themselves across various states. They then broaden their market to cater to different needs and preferences of consumers all over America.

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