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In India there are about 800 million smartphone users, and in the entire world there are close to 3.7 billion smartphone users worldwide. In the world of Smartphone apps, Android seems to be the long dominated platform that is suited for application development as well as designing. Companies and organisations must look forward to this true potential to capture the market as well as promote their business apps that help users in their day to day lives. Apps have become a part of us as we constantly use it to find features, shop online for products, listen to songs, and to do a bunch of other activities. 

 Android has taken the world by storm and has proved to be one of the most viable and the most suited platforms capable of app development due to a number of features and functions that are supported by it. Here are our reasons why Android is the most preferred platform and the most effective platform, for doing any kind of app development and promoting services.


When it comes to the customizability of the Android platform, there is no other platform that even comes close to what Android has to offer to users. The Android platform is apt, providing an extensive list of customizability that the users can tweak and tinker with. What's more is that, Android does not stop at just the customisation, you can get Android to look the way you want it to be, through the use of different kind of ROMs and software, you can change the wallpaper widgets, notifications and many more such things pretty easily to be done in Android. When it comes to the customisation offered by Android, there is no other platform that provides this kind of leveling feature.

Open Source

 Android is open source which means that there are no license or subscription fees that you need to pay in order to use this platform. Business app developers and Smartphone manufacturers can easily use this platform to develop different kinds of apps that help the users in their day to day jobs as well as provide a huge amount of value to them. Any smartphone manufacturer or app developer can use and leverage the power of Android and publish the apps to the Play Store. There is no also no subscription for you to publish your apps on the Play Store. if your apps are good enough to provide value to the user, you can leverage your business idea into a fruitful investment.

Backed By Google

 Android was launched in 2005 and has been the most viable platform that promises app developers and provides them with a huge amount of chances and opportunities for them to develop apps. With over 800 million active users of Android in India, this is a viable business opportunity for emerging APP companies, to develop and launch unique business ideas that has never been seen before. Android is supported by the world's largest search engine antec company, Google, so this means that there are ample opportunities for you app developers out there.

Exhaustive Documentation

 The amount of documentation offered by Android is huge in nature. any emerging developer all designer and learns documentation and uses it to their advantage in order to learn the Android ecosystem and how it works. There are ample amounts of tutorials and videos on the internet who teach this kind of stuff. You will be well off using this resources to your advantage to become a valuable app developer and contribute to the development and designing of the Android app ecosystem.

Huge Community

 The Android community is ever growing in nature and provides a huge amount of advantages and benefits to developers looking to develop apps on this huge platform and ecosystem. You can not only design apps for smartphones but for a range of devices such as smart TVs, wearables, and not just phones only. The community is ever growing and ready to help each and every one in their quest for app development and designing. You can take advantage of this ecosystem and design and develop apps that are unique and provide value to the users.

Regular Updates and enhancements

Android can provide regular updates to its platform and app developers can make use of these regular updates to provide unique and exquisite features that help them to take their apps to the next level. App developers can make their apps unique and provide value to users in an efficient way. Businesses can look forward to designing and publishing their app on the store and providing different features and functionalities with each version of android that is being released.


So you see we have shared with you the main reasons why android is the most effective and efficient platform for app development. It provides unique and one-of-a-kind opportunities to different app developers looking to excel and expand their expertise and knowledge in the areas of app development.


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