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Google and Facebook on one of the two important small words and Giants in their respective Technology. Whenever something comes up from the likes of Google or Facebook it is bound to gain popularity and become famous on its own. There has been multiple technology being provided to the public from these two big stallworts. With the ability to delve deep into the technology as well as analyse the shortcomings of other Technology provides a new way and direction which can be used for or becoming the backbone of a new invention of Technology.

Angular vs React are different products from different stalwarts that have helped programmers and Developers create awesome web applications as well as help them in their Endeavour and programming journey.

Here we will be comparing and contrasting two different Technologies as well as analyse how technologies fit the bill into the world of web development and programming. How can these Technologies be beneficial and provide valuable inputs to programming and web development. 

Learning experience

Both react as well as angular have different types of learning curves for different levels and skills for the user. If the developer or programmer has prior experience in program and web development, then it can be put to good use when running the particular new technology as such is the case in angular as well as react. These two need to know some prerequisites in order to master these Technologies well and use them in the programming concepts. 

Programmers or developers that have prior experience in the field of web programming and development then it will be beneficial for him to be put to use, as learning these Technologies have their own set of prerequisites in order to enable developers to master them. 

Language complexity

When learning these Technologies, there is something called language complexity that developers can come across. react makes use of jsx which is the derivation of JavaScript. If a developer of a programmer has prior knowledge of JavaScript and knows the Subtle nuances of how the JavaScript works, then he or she will be able to master react basically easily and use it for programming and web development efforts. 

On the other hand when we compare angular, we need to master typescript, which is also similar to JavaScript. Typescript has some subtle Syntax and changes that differentiate it from JavaScript, however this does not mean that prior experience in JavaScript will not be beneficial. Developers knowing JavaScript will be able to learn either of the two Technologies pretty easily and efficiently without having to encounter much complexity, all difficulties in learning.


Ease of use

Both of these languages, that is jsx and typescript, have their own set of complexities in order to learn and master for programmers and Developers alike. When learning-based you Technologies, it is the ease of use that matters the most that has developers and designers to master that particular language and to use it in the daily applications of web programming and web development.

When it comes to creating web applications as well as single page applications that confirm to International web standards, both of these Technologies seems to fit the bill pretty easily and efficiently. therefore when comparing the concept of ease of use for these Technologies, they both score equal.

Community support

As far as the support is concerned, we know how big the companies are data supporting these Technologies and therefore developers and designers will not have any problem to claim any kind of support that they need when developing applications using either of these Technologies. So it goes without saying the community support provided by either of these Technologies is robust and reliable enough for the developers and designers to use. 

Each of these Technologies offers forum support which developers can use to post that question for queries as well as get a resolution for them for helping them to solve their doubts and queries.

Which is trending

If you check the Google Trends page for either of these Technologies, then we can get to know that react is gaining an edge over angular as it appears to be the most searched term in recent times. 

Programmers and Developers have been using react since it was first launched and the journey has always been upward ever since. Trending on the second place is angular, so when you compare the different trends Heera act has an advantage over angular.

Uses and benefits


Both of these technologies are similar uses and benefits when it comes to the actual usage and implementation of angular or react. Both support the design of and development of single page applications e-commerce websites, fashion websites, interactive quizzes, gaming websites and many more. 

React JS is more of a library which provides out-of-the-box functionality, where angular is more of a framework that provides the ability to programmers to create single page applications on as well as provide the much-needed functionality for designing in the user interface. 

Companies using it

Many worldwide companies which use Angular vs React on a daily basis in order to provide and develop web applications on Alibaba, uber, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook make use of react in their applications and web programming products. 

On the Other hand companies that make use of angular are Microsoft, Gmail, forbes, Upwork, Paypal and many others. There are several different implementations of angular which are being used by many different companies for developing web applications and web programming for the modern web.

Trends and popularity

If you compare GitHub statistics you will come to know that react has more stars then angular as well as its popularity is ever going since its Inception and introduction to the general public. On the other hand angular has slowly increased in trend as well as usage, as both this technology seem to fit the bill quite easily and efficiently for designing web products and web applications.

Conclusion: it all depends on your personal preference which you want to use in your application for web programming. We have compared the two Technologies depending on our own set of objectives. We hope that you like this article. 


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