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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a remarkable simulation game where getting a framed photo of villagers is the toughest thing. However, this photo frame stuff can be done by the villagers if you have an excellent and trustworthy relationship with them. Well, at the beginning of the game, you don’t have a high ratio of trust on your villagers, and neither do they on you. So you need to maintain your trust, and then they will agree to take a framed picture. Now growing the trust is not an easy thing, but you can become their best friend by following some significant points. 

Interact with the Villagers Often

The easiest way to have a solid trust with the villagers is to talk to them whenever you have time. It is the easiest and frequent thing that players usually do. You can also do it if you want to gain natural trust from the villagers. You should talk to the villagers at least two times in a single day. Make sure the villagers are happy to talk to you and appreciate what you tell them. By doing it, they will remember you, keep you notice and will obey you. In the village, every villager is busy doing their task, and you need to make an interest in their work. It will definitely benefit you and your friendship with them will go beyond.

Send them Letters

The second frequent thing to follow for increasing trust is to send them the letters from the mail. You can send whatever message to them about their living and residence. Keep your letters polite and sweet, so the readers get impressed. Make sure to deliver them in 1-2 day respectively. The villagers might not talk about the letters you send, but surely it will enhance your reputation in front of them.

Give them Gifts

You should definitely try it to make a warm attempt on the villagers. Sending the gifts to villagers will enhance your reputation and your trust. After talking and sending the letters, sending the gifts is one another perfect choice you have. All you need to do is choose an item from your inventory or if you want to spend from your pocket, and just send them. You need to talk to them about it, and they will receive your gift wrapped greatly. If they are great villagers, they will send you a gift also, which is a good sign of reputation and trust between both.

Finish Task for Them

 Apart from all the soft attempts and big rewards, this attempt could be a bit hard or irritating. Completing the task of villagers can grow your trust and reputation. It gives a great amount of booting to the friendship section. As a gift from the villagers, they can also give you any big reward because of your efforts. There are a wide range of tasks that exist that can be done, and it totally depends if you are willing to do it. There is nothing wrong if you don’t do it, but if you do these tasks, then you might have some great rewards. 

Try to Avoid Hitting and Pushing the Villagers

This is something you need to control when you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is true that hitting and pushing sometimes happen from the mistake, but you need to avoid it. It can degrade your reputation. If you are not pushing purposely and still the villagers got pushed or hit, so will lose some of your reputation. You don’t always have to worry because the villages are not that easy to push. If you hit the villagers in too many numbers, so definitely it will affect your reputation. 

Keep Patience and Never Give Up

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not those types of games that will be over in two months. The more you polish the game and the more you keep patience, your village and villages will trust you. You have to follow and complete every small bit of game easily. There are moments in-game when you will get frustrated, but you don’t need to give on anything. If you follow the right path and build a better village, you will definitely have a good reputation. 

Once you gain trust with villagers, you can make them do anything you like to their limit. They will do those things that are within their limit. If you want them to take a villager photo frame, they will do it without hesitating.

Source: https://broad-blogs.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-how-to-get-framed-photo-of-villager/


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