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The global animal disinfectants market is projected to reach USD 4.9 billion by 2028 from USD 3.4 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 7.7% during the forecast period in terms of value. The animal disinfectants market has experienced substantial growth in recent years, driven by numerous factors. Increasing concerns regarding animal health and welfare, coupled with the rising demand for safe and high-quality animal products, have propelled the adoption of effective measures in the livestock industry. This measure includes the use of disinfectants as a vital remedy for the well-being of animals. Disease outbreaks, both in developed and developing economies have highlighted the need for robust disinfection protocols to prevent the spread of pathogens. Additionally, technological advancements and research investments have also contributed to the development of innovative and more efficient disinfection solutions. As the global demand for animal protein continuous to rise and awareness of biosecurity practices increases, the animal disinfectants market is expected to witness sustained growth in the foreseeable future.

Animal Disinfectants Market

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By application, the dairy cleaning segment is projected to dominate the market during the forecast period.

The cleaning of dairy cattle involves removing equipment and bedding before cleaning. The nature of the surfaces will influence the disinfection process. Rough and porous surfaces are difficult to disinfect in comparison to smooth surfaces. Both the milking parlor and milk toxin-producing machines must be cleaned daily. The milking machines, including the teat dips and milk tongs, are among the major sources of infection and can have an adverse impact on the health of the livestock. Therefore, these disinfectants can be applied to various areas, including milking parlors, holding pens, feeding areas, equipment like milking machines and others to thoroughly sanitize and eliminate the potential sources of contamination. Also, the regular utilization of animal disinfectants in dairy cleansing helps to create a healthier and more productive environment for both animals and dairy workers, thereby promoting the overall well-being and efficiency of the dairy operation.

Europe is expected to lead the animal disinfectants market with the highest market value during the forecast period.

Europe is one of the leading per capita consumers of chemicals and is a key market for animal disinfectants. There has been a significant utilization of animal disinfectants for farm animals in the region to reduce animal diseases. Regulatory requirements and standards regarding animal health and welfare are becoming more stringent in Europe. Compliance with these regulations necessitates the use of effective disinfection protocols. As a result, farmers and animal care facilities are seeking reliable and approved animal disinfectants to ensure they meet the required hygiene standards. This has contributed to the rising demand for such products in the European market. The region also has a significant livestock population that includes poultry, cattle, swine, and others. The concentration of livestock in the region, both in terms of commercial farming and smaller-scale operations, creates a substantial market for animal disinfectants to preserve the health and hygiene of the animals.

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The key players of the market include Neogen Corporation (US), GEA Group (Germany), Lanxess (Germany), Zoetis (US), Solvay Group (Belgium), Kersia Group (France), Stockmeier Group (Germany), Ecolab (US), Albert Kerbel GMBH (Germany), PCC Group (Germany), G Sheperdanimal Health (UK), Sanosil Ag (Switzerland), Delaval Inc (Sweden), Diversey Holdings Ltd (US), Fink Tech Gmbh (Germany). These companies have been focusing on expanding their market presence, enhancing their solutions, and partnering with many channel partners to cater to consumers across the globe. The deep roots of these players in the market and their robust offerings are among the major factors that have helped them achieve major sales and revenues in the global animal disinfectants market.


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