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And this time, the evidence is breathtaking.

Some UFO enthusiasts are now suggesting that perhaps Hollywood had accurately predicted the shape and size of it. Maybe they knew everything all along.

Several news sources have reported that a UFO that almost resembles the one shown in films had been seen on the fringes of the city of Los Angeles.

And as it was called out by Cmdr. David Fravor, after his famous encounter in 2004, the UFO was seen for a brief period of time before it suddenly vanished out of sight, almost like a bullet traveling in front of the eyes.

However, the time it was hanging in the air, a witness got lucky and photographed it, which could become the first-ever real and official photograph of the Unidentified Flying Object. Of course, we also have videos recently released by Pentagon as our evidence, but those are the images taken by the radars of the military pilots and are open to interpretations. But, the photos taken by bystanders near LA are truly out of this world.

According to a piece of news revealed by TMZ, a close encounter of the third kind has been reported from the city of Los Angeles by several sources.

Reportedly, the lucky witness was heading to her destination somewhere in the South on the 101 Freeway, and she was, as she quoted, “just outside of Thousand Oaks.” The witness described the incident and said that she was driving her car when she noticed the UFO traveling in the same direction as several orbs of light followed it.

The witness has claimed that the Unidentified flying object disappeared like a tracer bullet, but before it managed to go away, she did capture the vehicle flying in the air.

If you have seen the image, which has been shared on the internet, you would know that the vehicle looks a lot like the one described in the films like “Independence Day,” “Close Encounters,” and other films. The “TMZ” has theorized that if the vehicle indeed turns out to be the first confirmed public sighting of the UFO, then maybe the creators of “Independence Day” knew all about it all along.

The news does look serious as it has been reported by sources like The Sun, Complex.com, Sputniknews.com, etc.

However, it must be noted that a similar story did appear in 2017, but Washington Post quickly falsified the rumors and gave an earthly explanation for it. As it turns out, the vehicle was nothing more than a testing spaceship launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Is there an earthly explanation for it this time as well? Well, there is always is an earthly explanation from the skeptics. However, the term UFO is only given to those that defy such explanations.

Recently, there has been a paradigm shift in the way people think about the Unidentified Flying Object. The public pressure on the government has increased. Robert Lazar’s fans think that he has already been vindicated. Pentagon has released some breathtaking confidential files, which has intensified the mystery.

The likes of the New York Times are now talking about the matter with an open mind and a bit serious consideration.

The likes of Joe Rogan, Jeremy Corbell, George Knapp, and others are rigorously following the topic for years. So, if you are interested in knowing more about it, you must follow the channels like Mystery Wire, Joe Rogan Experience, and Jeremy Corbell on YouTube.

Source :- https://a4setup.co.uk/another-evidence-in-the-existence-of-ufos/


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