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Answering the FAQs about Kashmir

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Answering the FAQs about Kashmir


Welcome to the blog. If you clicked on the blog seeing the title you must be planning your Kashmir trip and looking forward to booking your Kashmir tour package. If so, you must also be curious about a few things and have a few questions in your mind. After all Kashmir has been a place of conflict for a long period of time and the questions about safety and a few restrictions must be there. Along with it the common queries of Gondola and Shikara rides are always there in a travellers mind.


In this blog we have tried to cover all the most asked questions the travellers ask before going to Kashmir. So hop on the ride and let's go!


Is Kashmir safe?


Yes, Kashmir is absolutely safe for travellers. You will find check posts everywhere you go that especially ensure that it is safe for tourists to travel. The locals are also hospitable and helpful towards the tourists. If you doubt the hospitality even after this, always keep in mind that the travellers bring business to the people and no one would treat their customers in an inappropriate or hostile manner.


Can we fly drones in Kashmir?


Unfortunately the answer to this one is a NO. The safety in Kashmir is kept very tight and due to the same concerns drones are banned in Kashmir package. Along with it, if someone tries to sneak in and fly a drone, strict actions are taken against them. On top of that, sneaking in is difficult since the drones are confiscated at the airport itself.



Is there a network in Kashmir?

Yes, mobile networks surely work well in Kashmir. But keep in mind that only postpaid sim networks work there. So if you're going on a long trip, carry a post-paid sim with you. To be on a safer side you can use Jio postpaid because that works perfectly fine in Kashmir.



Till what time Shikara rides will be available? Everyone knows about the infamous Shikara rides in Kashmir. And you can't be missing out on trying them while you're on your Kashmir trip. The Shikara rides are available till 7 in the evening. If you want to book an early morning Shikara, we advise you to book a night before.



Should I go for Gondola rides? 

Well while we are aware that Gondola ride is mainstream. But the Gondola in Gulmarg is the highest cable chain ride in the world and you have to give it a shot. You are going to regret  not doing it once you go back home. So it's better to not live with any regrets and live Kashmir to the fullest.


With this we have covered the frequently asked questions about Kashmir and hopefully we've answered them to you. We hope that you enjoy your trip to Kashmir and come back home with lots and lots of memories.



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