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“Architecture has always been one of the wonders of humanity, reflecting culture, politics, and socioeconomic trends,” said Anthony Korculanic, one of the leading experts on architecture and design.  

Anthony always strived to learn everything he could about the latest technologies in the sphere of architecture, leveraging his decades of experience while polishing his skillset to find and utilize the latest tools and software in his company’s projects. 

Mr. Anthony’s journey begins with Brisbin Brook Beynon Architects, where he leveraged his CAD expertise to help the firm’s architectural drawings, sketches, and plans come to life. After three years of working as BBBA’s draftsman, Mr. Anthony Korculanic shifted his focus toward XO Media Inc: the company he helped establish as the leading name in the tech world. 

Anthony’s fascination with artificial intelligence granted him a perspective his peers lacked. He saw an opportunity in AI-assisted apps and tools to streamline complex architectural projects and automate mundane tasks that others waste precious time on. 

“The 21st century has brought many changes to the architectural field, particularly a new array of technology that has revolutionized the way architecture functions. In recent years, architecture has begun to incorporate more innovative technology, using developments such as artificial intelligence and computerized systems to improve designs. Architecture has also changed to reflect modern-day issues such as climate change, power consumption, and urbanization,” said Anthony Korculanic.

His abundance of experience in the field of architecture and computer-aided design helped Anthony understand that AI technology is more than a tool in the modern world; it is a necessity that reflects modern needs and the means to cater to them, stating the following:

“Artificial intelligence has been significant in the architectural world, replacing a large portion of manual work and increasing the efficiency of architectural designs. AI is able to analyze multiple variables in the architectural process, such as weather and geographic variables, budget, etc.,” Anthony Korculanic said. 

More information about Anthony Korculanic is available on his official website.

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