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In the current episode, Leela informs Hasmuk that only Anupama is capable of handling Pakhi. Leela's decision to assign responsibility to Anupama annoys Hasmuk. Leela claims that because Anupama‘s children are here, she must come. Leela is asked by Hasmuk to assume Pakhi's liability. Leela turns down. Hasmuk continues by saying that Leela is only capable of swinging for herself.

Leela is informed by Vanraj and Kavya about receiving a job opportunity in Delhi. They claim that they will have to move to Delhi if they are hired. Vanraj is questioned by Leela about leaving his home behind and moving to a new city. Vanraj claims they must relocate for a job. Leela argues that Kavya is employed. 

Kavya claims Delhi offers her a better choice of jobs. Vanraj reveals how long he intends to be unemployed and sit at home. Hasmuk consents to Kavya and Vanraj leaving. If Vanraj and Kavya both travel, Kinjal claims she has a presentation in Mumbai and would not go. Paritosh implores Kinjal to seize the chance. Leela makes the decision to care for Pari. For Pari, Kinjal requests that Leela call Anupama. Leela claims she is capable of parenting her great-granddaughter.

Adhik informs Anupama that he would not grant Pakhi a divorce. He claims that not even Barkha can persuade him. Adhik claims that Pakhi has been given one final chance. Adhik is respected by Anuj. Adhik acknowledges Anuj and Anupama for their unwavering support. Adhik is requested to create the presentation by Anuj.

Kavya is given a coat by Kinjal. Kavya had talked to Kinjal about wanting to spend money on improving her relationship with Vanraj. Kinjal wishes Kavya success. Dimple converses with Anuj and Anupama. If Anupama agrees, she decides to stay with Pakhi in order to support her. Anupama consents to Dimple. There are others who can assist, according to Anuj. Anupama sat dumbfounded. Kavya and Vanraj arrive in Delhi. They aspire to land a job. 

Vanraj is advised by Kavya to put their own needs first. Insuring Kavya is Vanraj.

If they go to Delhi, Leela and Hasmuk talk about how they will manage without Vanraj and Kavya. Paritosh reports that Pari is ill. Anuj is asked by Hasmuk to bring Anupama because Pari is ill. Anupama goes to the Shahs. She reaches out to comfort Pari. Anuj and Anupama are sought after by a fearful Anu. Pari makes Anuj feel horrible. To calm Anu down, Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik try. Anuj and Anupama were told about Anu by Adhik. Anuj and Anupama decide to accompany Pari to Anu. Anupama is stopped from kidnapping Pari by Leela. Anupama is asked to go with Pari by Anu. He chooses to visit Anu. The composed Anuj. About Anupama, Anu inquires. She insists that Anuj return Anupama.

Concerned for Anu, Anupama. Shahs' frequent phone calls to Anupama irritate Barkha. If Anupama is not her mother and won't stay with Kinjal, does Anu ask Anuj? [End of Episode]

Shahs choose to relocate at the Kapadia residence till Vanraj, Kavya, and Kinjal return.


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