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Anxiety attack symptoms and causes

Anxiety can happen to anyone, and if it is not treated at the right time, it can also take the form of depression and the sufferer may also get an attack. You must have heard a lot about anxiety. But it is not known that if ignored, it can also take the form of depression and anxiety attacks. Engagement can happen to anyone, anything. Some people have anxiety about speaking in the middle of public, then children have anxiety about examination.

Generally, we do not take the anxiety as seriously as it is needed. This is the reason that cases of anxiety disorder are increasing among the youth nowadays. Symptoms of anxiety are quite common not only in young people but now in children as well. In children, such symptoms are broadly called anxiety or rashness.

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Anxiety attack

If the ignition is ignited, it can take the form of an anxiety attack. This is a situation in which the person is afraid all the time that something wrong is going to happen. This is completely different from a panic attack. The symptoms of panic attacks are more fatal than that of an anxiety attack. In an anxiety attack, one feels anxiety, fear, and restlessness all the time. The heartbeat intensifies and the breath begins to swell. Therefore, do not take the anxiety lightly and contact the doctor immediately.

Symptoms of anxiety

The person suffering from anxiety remains in tension and fear, besides he cuts himself off from other people. He likes to be alone and thinks more about the things that make him sad.

Apart from shortness of breath and increased heartbeat, the person suffering from anxiety does not sleep and stays awake all night.

All the time, negative thoughts keep going in that mind.

Headache starts happening and does not feel like doing any work.

Diarrhea develops and at times, the fever starts coming.

The mouth begins to dry up and the person becomes unconscious.

You should change some of your habits

If you are fond of drinking too much coffee, then reduce it. Drinking too much caffeine increases the heartbeat and can make a person feel nervous. Excessive coffee drinking can cause many problems, such as palms sweating, ringing ears, and a very high heartbeat.

Irregular eating can also cause a serious problem of anxiety. Many people skip breakfast in the morning or eat nothing throughout the day. Some go to sleep without eating or some eat some junk food. All these habits not only weaken the body's resistance to disease but also increase the level of anxiety. Being hungry increases the stress level and lowers the blood sugar level..

Many people with anxiety do not sleep till late at night and allow stress to dominate them. This increasing stress also fires their remaining sleep. Then this stress does not leave you in the day. So don't wake yourself up late at night. Make a routine and try and go to bed as soon as possible.


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