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Apple as a brand has high values and always came up with innovation. Sometimes the innovation creates a problem for the end-user, and this time, the user gets a favorable decision.

In the world of consumerism, companies know that they have to understand the market first and then design accordingly, but sometimes there is a massive defect in this planning from the consumer's point of view. The recent example came from Brazil, where Apple is facing a lawsuit, and here the decision is a small but reasonable example from the consumer's point of view.

Tech giant Apple made a major change last year by launching its iPhone 12 series and decided not to offer charging adapters with the phone, which is a setback for users.

All iPhone models in the iPhone 12 series came without chargers, but Apple had to change the decision.

Brazil had imposed a heavy penalty on Apple for not giving a charger with the latest iPhone series, and now the decision has been pronounced in favor of the user.

The decision not to give chargers to users with iPhone 12 models took a toll on Apple in Brazil.

Here authorities imposed a hefty $2 million fine on Apple in March 2021, and now the company has also lost a lawsuit to Mariana Morels Oliveria, who lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The decision did not come in Apple's favor. The company has been asked to give a free charger to the user who files the lawsuit in Brazil.

According to reports, the final decision on the case was taken on May 23, 2021, and Mariana won.

Mariana's lawyer called Apple's claim that the decision would be taken to benefit the environment is false. His lawyer said that due to the non-availability of a charger in the box, users are forced to buy an extra accessory while it is mandatory need to continue using the device.

The court said the lawsuit now ends, and Apple will have to deliver a free charger to Mariana within the next 10 days. Failing this, the company will have to fill a daily fine of 200 Brazilian currency, which could go up to 5,000.

As a result, the action against Apple in Brazil is a big lesson for the company. Not only the decision shows that users can demand their rights from the most prominent company if they want.

Apple had attributed the removal of chargers from the iPhone box to the damage caused by e-waste to the environment. One of the big arguments the company has is that people already using Samsung devices have chargers and don't need new ones.

On the other hand, Apple is not offering chargers with iPhones but has developed a new MagSafe charger that can be purchased separately.

Apple has benefited from bringing in new iPhone models without chargers last year instead of the environment or customers.

In reports, critics have said that not providing chargers with iPhones will have little impact on the environment, while Apple has been able to reduce the shipping cost of its devices.

The company has also said to have increased the sale of MagSafe Charger. This is done by removing the charger from the box.

Apple is a brand, and when something came from a highly valued brand, then all the eyes are on it. From the beginning, this excluding charger thing is the talk of the town. Several memes are made on this decision, and people criticize the decision of Apple. But by having a loyal consumer base helped Apple maintain the sales. But now, with this lawsuit, the voice of users gets a valid base. In the future, maybe when the company decides something new, they will surely think about the essential components before removing them from the box.

Source  :-  https://sofiyaitservices.wordpress.com/2021/06/15/apple-defeated-in-the-lawsuit-have-to-give-the-charger-to-the-user/


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