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Later this afternoon Apple is holding their annual event beginning at 1pm EST. What this event is announcing, we do not know. However, if the past is any indicator this event should be used to announce the 2021 devices. Apple has announced that, once again, the event will be held totally online due to the pandemic.


Apple is expected to announce their newest version of the iPhone, the iPhone 13. There are many rumors floating around about what the phone will contain, look like, but there are a few things we do know. We do know that there will be four models of phone, same as the iPhone 12, with the iPhone Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone Pro and the iPhone Pro Max. Rumors were that the price for these phone are going to match the price of their counterparts last year. However, just last week, Apples chip manufacture announced they were increasing the price of their chips anywhere from % to 20% depending on the model of chip. This has many worried that the price increase will reflect in the price of the iPhone 13. No pricing has ever been released, but the consensus among leaks and rumors were that the prices were staying stagnant, this may no longer be the case.


Maybe you have a new iPhone and are not worried about the new models does and doesn’t have. Apple is also believed to be announcing their new smart watch, Apple Watch 7. The watch was initially planned to be postponed due to manufacturing issues, but according to reports, these have been fixed and are back on schedule. The Apple Watch 7 is said to have a larger flat-edge design, an improved batter, much like the iPhone 13, and new health features including improvements to their apps. If you watched our WWDC Tech Tuesday, you know that Apple announced their watchOS 8 in June. The Apple Watch 7 will ship with this OS, and is expected to be a sizeable upgrade over previous Apple Watches. Apple’s price on their watches has been pretty consistent starting at $399 and increasing for the larger size, and decreasing for the SE version. It is still unknown if the chip price increase will affect the watch price as no prices have been released. If the watch is announced this afternoon, we can expect a price to be released as well.apple finance,iphone volume not working,fix screen near me


If you are interested in seeing what Apple is going to announce this afternoon, you can watch the stream directly from their website. The event will kick-off at 10am PST and 1 PM EST.



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