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If you have an Android smartphone and wish to utilize Apple’s music streaming app, you may do it with minimal fuss. The Apple Music app for Android can be downloaded via the Google Play Store, and users will be able to take advantage of new features as well as the newest upgrades by doing so. In its keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference, the firm discussed Apple Music Special Audio and Lossless Streaming, both of which have been included in the Android app’s most recent version.

iOS users are already enjoying this feature

Apple Music Lossless Streaming and Special Audio Feature were first made available to iOS users in July, and now Android users will be able to make use of the feature. Artists that use unique audio and lossless streaming will be able to create an impassive experience for music fans, according to Apple’s announcement during its presentation. In addition, the firm claims that consumers will experience genuine multi-dimensional sound and higher quality than they have ever experienced before.

Better quality, millions of songs

More than 75 million songs are available to Apple Music users, which are available in lossless quality. Users of Android devices will be able to get the latest update at no additional cost. Users have the option of listening to music in high quality when they utilize lossless audio. To put it another way, consumers may hear precisely the same music that the artists have produced. Normally, these files are compressed before being downloaded.

Not supported on all Android devices.

It will be possible to use the unique audio function on Android devices equipped with Dolby Atmos compatibility. As a result, if your phone does not have Dolby Atmos compatibility, you will not use this function in the Android app. In reality, the new function, which works with headphones to allow unique sounds, will be visible in the Apple Music app’s settings, where a new option connected with it will be available. After installing the most recent version of the program, you may access the settings menu.

Data consumption increases with the quality

Lossless audio files are those that preserve all of the information from the original file. In addition, listening to music in this mode consumes more data than normal listening. When lossless streaming is used, a song with three minutes of music may use up to 36MB of data, while when using high efficiency, it consumes 6MB 1.5MB of data and good quality. High-race lossless streaming, on the other hand, may use as much as 145MB of data.

Users are getting several options.

When using the Apple Music Android app, customers have a choice between two streaming options: the first is designed for high-quality streaming, and the second, which is optimized for data saving. A stable upgrade to Apple’s new lossless audio streaming option has been pushed out after months of testing by the company. Earlier this year, Spotify announced the launch of its Spotify HiFi service, which would provide customers with the option to stream content in ‘CD Quality, Lossless Audio Format.’

Spotify now has the number one position in the streaming business, with 158 million paying users. Apple Music claimed 60 million subscribers in June 2019, and Amazon Music had 55 million in January 2020, but neither firm has given updated figures since then; YouTube Music, on the other hand, claims to have at least 20 million paying subscribers. It is possible to detect the difference between a lossless FLAC file and a compressed mp3 file even while using consumer-grade headphones; but, if you are such an avid audiophile that you need master-quality music, you should just subscribe to Tidal.

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