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We all heard the news about the new things that are coming through Google’s I/O developer Conference. Android 12 will arrive on the Google Pixel 6 phone for the first time. The new OS comes with all new and different features that add more security tools and is designed to make smartphones feel more personal by letting you make your very own customization based on the way your phone looks. The announcement just came weeks ahead of the WWDC, Apple Developer conference, where it will likely be announced that they will be getting the new iOS 15, the new operating system.

Android 12 first arrived at the scene in February, and now it is available to download in beta version. The new Android 12 arrives with a much-needed overhaul needed to the Android over the years. So, with new features coming here are some of them which Apple needs to get in their iOS 15.

Disable cameras and microphone across your iPhone

The new bar in the Android 12 gets a new indicator for when an app uses the camera or microphone. It is quite similar to what Apple did with iOS 14, but now Google offers a major refinement. Now in the quick settings, the Android equivalent to Control Centre in iOS. Now they have provided buttons to toggle on and off camera and mic access systemwide according to your need. Now, if you close it, then after that, you open an app that uses the camera app; you see a black screen where the live feed from your camera would normally be.

iOS should also add this option. For now, you have to go into the Privacy Menu in the settings app and then select the apps you want to access the camera. It’s not the same as just dropping the notification bar and switching it off; it is tedious.

iOS 15 also needs a simplified version of privacy settings

Now with the new update, Android 12 offers a significant improvement to your privacy. They have introduced a new privacy Dashboard that shows which app uses your data, microphone, camera, contacts, location, and media, among other information and sensors. Also, now the interface offers an easy-to-access overview for app privacy across your device and allows you to revoke access whenever you want.

Google didn’t mention much information on ad tracking. Google makes way too much money from ads, so it would be complicated to say that the company will turn off the ad tracking.

If we talk about the Privacy menu in the settings app in iOS 14, which allows you to get all kinds of information that the app can access, from contacts and photos to cameras and health data. It is quite extraordinary and overwhelming at the same time. But the one thing we all will love is the simplified version in iOS 15. There are few things that Apple could do is revised the privacy menu based on the layout of Screen time and a more simplified version to easily access more detailed information.

Make iOS 15 more Customizable

On Android 12, you can select photos as the wallpaper for the lock screen. An optional color extraction tool uses the color in the photo to offer you a palate of related colors to use on your system. We hope people see more of this color choice in iOS 15.

Conclusion Now with the Android 12 stepping up the game in OS and bringing some useful and new things with the new Android 12 update and we think some are the things that iOS 15 needs to add. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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