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Application Of Sterilization By Gamma Radiation For Single-Use Disposable Technologies

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The technology of Single-use disposable products was in practice since the year 1970, but it is only recently that the technologies are being used on a large-scale basis for sterile purposes. The technologies are applicable in tubing, bioreactors, etc. The technology provides greater sterility assurance and at the same time reduces time, cost, and energy. The process of applying the technologies is followed by several crucial steps for better sterility assurance. However, the mostly used method of sterilization is gamma irradiation and there are now many gamma radiation sterilization facilities in India.

How Gamma Radiation Is Used For Plastic Products

The gamma-ray has the power of destroying bacteria and for this reason, the process of gamma irradiation is highly followed or applied for sterilization, mainly of plastic. Health sectors, food sectors, and even many giant industries too seek a gamma irradiation facility in India for fulfilling their demand for sterilization. 

Unlike the previous era, when planting a gamma irradiation plant was a difficult game even in imagination, in this 21st century, there are nearly 26 successful gamma irradiation plants in India. All these plants have the basic methodology that they mandatorily follow before completing any sterilization job for their clients. For instance, on taking up any contract from the client party, the company goes through the requirements and does a quick analysis of the necessary things. Then they draw the design following which the work will be done. And if possible, they also put some innovative approaches in the drawing. Next, they focus on manufacturing and complete the procedures of sub-component testing. And lastly, if the situation demands so, they even consider doing on-site maintenance for greater sterilization assurance.

  • Steps Followed For Completing The Sterilization

And further, when products of plastic arrive for sterilization by gamma irradiation method, the process flow too, is a systematic one. Such as at first the products arrive in the processing facility of the plant, then those products get loaded in totes (carrier), and after that, the loaded totes get transferred to the radiation cell for being exposed to the radiation source and circulated around the radiation source for a specific period. When the circulation is over, the totes again get transferred to the product unloading sector and the process of unloading the treated products begins. Eventually, the products get sent back to the clients.

Presently India has both the capacity and capability of running gamma radiation plants, so the sterilization of single-use disposable technologies by gamma radiation is an important step that should be carefully followed by all the food companies and health sectors for better health of the citizens of India. 



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