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Perhaps you’ve heard about Autoflex golf shafts. Frankly, it would be hard not to, if you play or watch golf. Over the past few years, Autoflex shafts have produced some of the biggest buzz in the world of golf.

It’s like they were designed to. They’re gaudily rainbow-colored and have cultivated a mystique around their “KHT,” or “Korea Hidden Technology,” that no one seems to really understand.

They also make bold claims, such as that they can add carry distance and accuracy – but to players of any swing speed. That’s quite a promotional schtick.

But are they worth it?

What They’re Designed to Do
Autoflex golf shafts are designed to be lighter and thinner than conventional shafts, with substantial flexibility and lower CPM. They are supposed to be able to handle swing speeds between 65 to 150 MPH, which is quite an impressive range.

The lower CPM (Cycles Per Minute) creates ideal dynamic loft conditions even for players of average swing speeds, which results in a higher ball flight without the need to add spin. This extends range and potentially tightens dispersion. Naturally, the lighter weight benefits golfers of all strengths, too, as it results in lighter swing weight which translates to higher clubhead speed and ball speed.

Due to these unique characteristics, which are allegedly attributable to the aforementioned KHT (that the manufacturer refused to patent in an attempt to conceal its true nature) Autoflex shafts are supposed to be able to add yardage to nearly any golfer’s range, regardless of swing speed.

Here are some things that users observed:

First and foremost, apparently, for most golfers, their claims are true. Autoflex golf shafts do extend range for most golfers that swing them, while also marginally boosting accuracy. This accounts for only a change of the shaft – not changing the club head or exerting any more effort.

Golfers who have used them also concurred that the shafts feel too flexible, even whippy, which is disconcerting and takes some getting used to. However, general consensus is also that the clubhead doesn’t fail to “catch up,” even when the club is swung hard.

Perhaps most notably: your instinct reading this might be that this is a shaft that is truly only suitable for players with slower swing speeds who need a boost to range and accuracy, but that is not the case, as corroborated by user feedback.

Evidently, these golf shafts perform well even for players that have aggressive swing speeds and tempos, including golfers with swing speeds in excess of 110 MPH. Some golfers with faster swing speeds and tempos even reported that the flexibility of these shafts helped to meter their swing, resulting in a more fluid overall swing through transition.

One specific reviewer even went so far as to say that “every swing felt effortless and fast” when playing with the Autoflex. The same reviewer reported that his Autoflex shaft was the fastest-feeling shaft (through impact) he’d ever used.

Taking all of that into account, there’s one more thing to mention. These shafts are expensive. That cannot be underscored enough.

If you’re thinking seriously about outfitting your clubs with one, you may want to talk to a professional first.

Where Can You Learn More About Autoflex Golf Shafts Before Deciding?
For those of you more interested in learning about Autoflex golf shafts than you were before reading this, consult Dallas Golf Company’s professionals via the previous link.

Not only do they carry Autoflex shafts, but their pros are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. They even offer club fitting services.

If you have questions about performance or whether or not Autoflex driver shafts are right for you, they’ll help you arrive at a satisfactory answer.

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