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What do you think a truly great cocktail experience is all about? Does it only concern what drinks you have added or with what mixers you will swish it? Well, no.

A perfect drink should heighten your senses with delicate flavors and magnificent presentation. The act of drinking is itself an act of companionship that brings people together to share stories and have a relaxing time. Therefore, any drink you consume should have its own personality and account.

Among the list of classical American drinks, Moscow Mule is one of the popular ones prepared by mixing Vodka, fizzy spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a wedge of tangy lime and served in a splendid copper mug. This potency and spiciness of ginger beer tempers the strength of Vodka and lime juice perfectly binds all the flavor. And serving this chilled and exquisite drink in copper-coated hammered Moscow Mule mugs gives a kick of flavors to the people consuming it. These copper mugs have a smooth lip and are perfect for holding a drink with ice cubes without spills.

But why only copper mugs are used to serve Moscow Mules instead of any other kind? Let’s understand the reasons through this blog.

Is Serving Moscow Mule in Copper Mugs a Tradition?

Although the finely tuned ingredients of Moscow Mule make it an exciting cocktail, the true appealing symbol of this drink is copper mugs. You might be unaware, but Moscow Mules first originated in Manhattan in 1941, and at that time, copper mugs had been essential for proper presentation. But is copper really better for this purpose?

Asking a similar question to some traditionalists could be profane since decades of history show that it was ceremonial to use them. However, a sophisticated drinker must know the facts. So, let’s look beyond vodka and ginger beer and find out the actual benefits of using hammered Moscow Mule mugs made of copper.

Copper Mugs Take on The Cold Temperature of a Moscow Mule Drink

One of the most scientific advantages of using a copper Moscow Mule mug is temperature. For centuries, experienced drinkers have been aware of the fact that chilled drinks poured in a copper mug offer an extra-cool sensation. The reason behind this is that copper quickly takes on the drink’s icy-cool temperature. You must be aware that copper is very effective in conducting temperatures; therefore, a copper mug keeps the frosty drink cold for a long duration. Due to this, the copper mug’s rim becomes cool almost instantly, offering a frozen sensation on your lips.

Cold metals like copper are highly efficient at insulating the freezing temperature of any drink and deflecting heat from the sun, especially during summertime. Due to such benefits, your copper-coated hammered Moscow Mule mug proves to help maintain the chilled temperature of your favorite drink inside it.

Get the Taste Benefits of Your Moscow Mule Drink with Copper Mugs

When it comes to the taste of a cocktail, it would be subjective as the taste scales vary from person to person, depending on what recipe you have used to prepare a particular drink. However, many people who have excellent knowledge and experience in mixing different drinks usually suggest using copper mugs for Moscow Mules to enhance the individual savor of Vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice.

In fact, many experts also believe that when Vodka touches the interior of the hammered Moscow Mule mug, the copper starts oxidizing (if not coated with some other material), which slightly boosts the aroma and magnifies the taste of the entire drink.

Moreover, cold copper can also increase the number of bubbles in the carbonated beer, bringing extra fizziness to the Moscow Mule than when served in a plastic or a glass tumbler. Also, copper tends to reduce the additional acidic nature of the lime juice, which helps compliment the spicy ginger beer.

Have a Worthwhile Experience with Moscow Mule in Copper Mugs

What’s the use of drinking your favorite drink if it does not offer you pleasure? Well, like any other activity, having a soothing experience also matters while drinking. Consuming Moscow Mule in a copper mug gives you that pleasure, and the instances from history are the proofs. In the 1940s, when Moscow Mule was born in Manhattan and Hollywood, people ordered custom-made hammered copper mugs to give the cocktail an exclusive look. This timeless method of drinking Moscow Mule prevailed for centuries and is still prevalent worldwide.

Wrapping Up

Whether you drink on special occasions or just for fun, make sure you have a good-to-remember experience. It is crucial to properly make and serve your favorite cocktail to enjoy your classic drink. Moscow Mule is one of the best-in-class American drinks, and it would not be suitable to consume it in any other glass rather than copper-coated hammered Moscow Mule mugs from the experience point of view.

If you want to try some authentic and traditionally handcrafted copper Moscow Mule Mugs, Artisans Village can be one of the perfect options for you. The best thing about their copper mugs is that you can choose the design according to your convenience. You can pick the standard copper Moscow Mule mugs if you like handles. If you don’t prefer handles, go for handleless ones. Moreover, many companies that deal in such products offer them in sets. Therefore, you can buy hammered Moscow Mule mugs set of 2 or more and enjoy your Friday drinking night with your near and dear ones.

So, after reading all this information, what do you think now – are copper mugs really better for Moscow Mule or not?



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