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Costume contact lenses in Sri Lanka, also referred to as cosmetic or decorative contact lenses, are lenses that alter the appearance of your eyes. These contact lenses can alter the appearance of your eyes in a variety of ways, from altering the colour or shape of the pupil to creating cartoon or film character effects. It's possible to make them with or without vision correction.

The real question is, are costume contact lenses actually safe?

If you see a doctor first and follow their advice, you should wear costume contacts securely. Keep in mind that contact lenses are medical products that necessitate the wearer's attention to proper wear and treatment. Both contact lenses, if not used properly, will increase the risk of an eye infection, corneal abrasion, decreased vision, allergic reactions and blindness.

Seeing an eye care professional first is the safest way to ensure contact lens protection. An ophthalmologist will measure your eyes for proper contact fit, determine if you're a good candidate for contact lenses, and provide safety advice.

Once you've seen an ophthalmologist and gotten yourself a prescription, make sure you only buy costume contacts from stores that need a prescription and only offer  contact lenses approved by the relevant authorities. If non-prescription costume contacts don't fit properly, they can scratch and infect your eye. They should be personalized and tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

Never purchase costume contact lenses online or from a street vendor, a beauty supply shop, a flea market, a novelty or Halloween store. They may be tainted or counterfeit, making them unsafe to use. Some illicit lenses have also been discovered to be repackaged, and when you obtain them, they may be tainted with chemicals or germs. It's possible that the lenses you receive aren't what you ordered, aren't clean or properly packaged, or aren't the right size or shape for your eye to begin with. The dangers aren't definitely worth taking.


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