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Are Marble and Granite Worktops Suitable for Outdoor Use

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Marble and granite are among the most popular materials for kitchen as well as working bench surfaces. But really, should they be used outside? This piece aims at highlighting if marble and granite can possibly serve as outdoor worktops under varying weather conditions. We shall weigh the benefits and drawbacks of using such substances on landscapes other than indoors besides giving recommendations on how best to keep them looking good.

Durability of Marble and Granite

Both marble and granite are suitable for outdoor use due to its durability. Composed of crystal grains tightly compacted together under high heat and pressure, granite has excellent resistance to wear. Though heavy rain may cause some damage over decades of exposure, granite can stand up well to the elements when properly sealed. Granite worktops in Swansea are a popular option for outdoor kitchens and patios.

Effects of Weather on Marble and Granite

While durable, continuous exposure to weather elements like rain, sun and temperature variations can potentially damage marble and granite over time. Acids from plant life, pollution or chemical spills pose additional risks outside. Proper sealing and maintenance is necessary.

Marble and granite are prone to etching from acid rain and other acidic substances over many years of exposure. While the stones are hard, acid can slowly break them down. Freeze-thaw cycles from winter weather may also crack the surfaces. Regular sealing protects the pores in both marble and granite from absorption. Without maintenance, outdoor marble will show signs of wear much faster than granite.

Stain Resistance of the Materials

Both marble and granite are mostly non-porous yet some degree of porosity exists. Spills can potentially stain if left on the surface for too long. Granite is more stain-resistant. Darker marbles are more prone to showing staining.

The density of granite makes it very difficult for liquids to penetrate the surface. Most spills can be easily wiped away from granite outdoors. Some light-colored granites may show staining over decades of use without sealing. In comparison, marble is more porous. Certain markings may become ingrained in some marble surfaces from outdoor exposure. Regular sealing by marble worktops near me companies and immediate cleanup of any spills on both materials is best practice.


Both granite and marble worktops can be suitable materials for outdoor worktops and surfaces if properly maintained. Granite tends to hold up better against weathering in the long run. However, high-quality marble properly sealed can still provide years of use outside too.

Regular professional cleaning and resealing is non-negotiable to protect the aesthetic and performance of both marble and granite outdoors over time. With care, they make beautiful and functional additions to patios and outdoor entertaining areas. Visit our website for more information.

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