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Now, as we know medical scrubs are meant for anyone working in the medical field. Be it doctors, nurses, lab assistants, pharmacists, or others. Medical Scrubs are essential for them. It helps prevent the spread of viruses, infections, or diseases. Keeps everything hygienic and put together. Gives the medical staff a professional look, and provides the best safe treatment to their patients. All this work comes with wearing the scrubs for long hours, sometimes even longer than 18 hours. However, is that a cause of concern? Let’s find out.

Medical scrubs are worn for various reasons-

  • Medical practitioners wear medical scrubs at all times. This is to ensure absolute hygiene and sanitization in the hospital.
  • Scrubs Melbourne avoids any sort of cross-contamination, infections, or spreading diseases.
  • In the operation theater by the surgeons and nurses, while operating the patients.
  • Helps with avoiding blood splashes, unexpected splashes, chemical splashes, fluids, and so on.
  • Scrubs are worn by patients when admitted to the hospital.
  • Scrubs Melbourne is worn by nurses as they deal with patients all their shifts.
  • Medical scrubs Melbourne create a sense of solidarity among all medical professionals.

So, we can easily understand that scrubs are really vital for any medical professional. Making it a regular thing for them to wear the same.

Possibility Of Skin Problems?  

Skin problems are not usual with medical scrubs Melbourne. However, if the professional doesn’t take care of the scrubs properly, or chooses scrubs that are not of good quality. Then it might raise serious concerns.

Concerns like-

  • Itchiness
  • Rashes
  • Infections
  • Redness on the skin

Hence, avoiding washing scrubs regularly, choosing poor quality medical scrubs, wearing the same scrubs in a row, not using quality detergent, and so on can raise the possibility of skin problems. 

How To Avoid Any Effects On The Skin? 

  1. Make sure to always wash your scrubs after you’re done with your day.
  2. Use the right kind of detergent to get rid of all the germs.
  3. Change immediately it gets soaked with any bodily fluids or chemicals.
  4. Never wear a scrub twice in a row.
  5. Get a scrub made of breathable material. So that your sweat dries quickly and doesn’t itch.
  6. Scrubs must cover all parts of your body that are exposed to prevent any contamination or unexpected splashes.
  7. Always choose a scrub that is made of good quality fabric.
  8. Wash your scrubs regularly.


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