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The black owned promotional product industry has been on the rise for years. More and more black businesses are starting to see the value in investing in black-owned promo products as a way to advertise their business. But with so many new companies entering into this market, it can be difficult to know if office promo products still work–or if they're even worth it at all.

In this blog post, we'll talk about some of the benefits of office promo products and whether or not they remain effective marketing strategies for black-owned businesses today.  

Black entrepreneurs have been able to see great success with promotions, but it can be difficult sometimes to know where to start when looking for the right fit. The first thing is always determining if you are going after something that will promote your brand or services, how much funding do we need in order to make this successful. A lot of times people don't realize there is more than one type of promotion; identifying which one works best depending on your budget is crucial before ordering anything!  

Few tips on how best to use these black promotional items in your marketing efforts:

– one time offers – this can be something that would have a big impact or just simply get people talking. We recommend using giveaways as part of an advertising campaign so it could potentially work towards generating more business down the road. Imagine giving away sunglasses with your logo and phone number at everyone's favorite summer festival?  It works every year because there is no negative effect from not continuing services since it was free anyway! You can do these one-time offers online.

– app downloads – this is one of the best ways to get people talking about your black company. If you have an amazing mobile game that has high reviews, but all those names in a hat and draw out winners so they can download it for free! You'll also be able to collect their info through social media or email when entering your contest which makes it easier than ever before for potential customers to find you. This works great with any service-based apps too; just think how many more paid services someone would use if they had already tried the free version first!

– contests & sweepstakes – another great way to bring some attention to black owned business with black promotional items! Sweepstakes and contests are great because they can help you get your name out there in a big way. If people love what you're doing, it is much more likely that they will tell their friends or family about your black owned company which in turn grows awareness of everything else associated with the brand.

– branding – black businesses have been known to use custom clothing as part of their image; we've seen some amazing success stories when companies offer branded jerseys for sporting events teams and uniforms for employees at everyday jobs too! We think this works so well because it gets customers thinking back on all the good times shared together over the years.



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