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Relationships are foundational to our feeling of happiness in the world. Unfortunately, societal messaging tells us that just loving someone is sufficient to make a connection work. And, if you are having a dispute in your relationship, it just means you have not found the right person. 

What Does a Relationship Coach Do?

A relationship coach assists both couples and someone learn the tools to make relationships thrive. While discrepancies and disagreements are a normal portion of a relationship, a coach assists you see that you can still be prosperous partners, as long as you have good communication and conflict-resolution skills.

They uncover what makes you and your partner sense most loved, seen, and supported – and then acquaint you with how to provide it to each other. 

Relationship coaches who do Relationship Coaching are familiar with one critical dynamic: that all people are different. If you foresee your partner liking and enjoying exactly what you do, you may be entirely missing the boat. 

  • Is a Relationship Coach the same as a Couple’s Therapist or a Marriage Coach? 

The huge issues couples faces are differences in opinions and needs around money, sex, and child-rearing. While a relationship coach and a marriage coach have very identical approaches to these, a couple’s therapy is relatively different. 

In couple’s therapy, you are fixed to simply talking through issues. Many therapists do not have any experiential tools to offer. 

Relationship Coaching for couples, however – especially if it is somatically based or experiential –delivers tactile practices that assist overcome difficult dynamics in a relationship. We at Metaanoi can also work to strengthen closeness and attachment and provide tools for relationship repair during challenging times. 

Relationship coaches charge diverse amounts based on their location, and experience. 

When glimpsing at rates, you might have to compare them to local therapists in your nearby area. The cost should be identical. However, if you are having sexual issues in your relationship, deem finding someone who is acquainted as both a sex and relationship coach. 



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