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One of the most common concerns holding men and women back from undergoing plastic surgery is the fear of having visible scars. While some sort of scarring is unavoidable when surgical incisions are used, the incredible advancements in medical technology have made it possible for many scars to be virtually invisible after healing. Moreover, the surgeon’s skill and placement when making incisions can help prevent scars or conceal them entirely. If one is considering a facelift procedure, many questions might be in mind. One question that is most commonly asked is, “Does a facelift leave scars?”

In this blog, Dr. Medha Bhave, a leading Facelift Surgeon in Thane, shares useful information that one needs to know about scarring following a facelift procedure.

Facelift Surgery: Overview 

A facelift is a set of advanced plastic surgery procedures that helps to restore a youthful appearance by reversing changes that make a face appear old, dull or tired. The procedure can transform and rejuvenate one’s appearance by reversing the signs of ageing and restoring youthful facial contours. Dr. Medha Bhave, a leading facelift doctor in Thane at Laser Cosmesis, will customise a procedure based on the individual skin and associated goals.

Why Do Scars Develop After a Surgery? 

Every time the skin is cut, the dermis, a thick, deep layer of the skin, is damaged, leaving behind a scar. Scar tissue is formed when the body produces new collagen fibres to repair the damage caused to the skin. The tissue could be of different quality and texture than the surrounding skin. Any procedure that involves incisions has a possibility of leaving scars. Longer incisions are needed for some body-sculpting procedures, such as abdominoplasty, which might result in visible scarring in the area where the cut was made. Fortunately for those thinking about getting a facelift, the scars left behind are minimal and, in many cases, completely concealed.

Dr. Medha Bhave is a renowned plastic surgeon at Laser Cosmesis, the Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Thane. She shows extreme precision when making incisions along the natural contours of the ear and the face. Incisions are strategically made in the hair or hairline to hide the cut after healing. The anatomy of the ear works by hiding the resulting scars. The expert surgeon will work patiently to ensure the incision heals post-surgery with the minimum scarring possible.

Why are Incisions Needed for Facelift Surgery? 

Sagging caused due to age creates excess skin. If one has ever pulled their face upward to stimulate a facelift, one will observe that the extra skin bunches above the fingers. The extra skin must be eliminated, which can be achieved at the incision site placed around the ears and sideburn. Also, incisions are needed to access the deeper tissues. The facelift procedure involves incisions in the ears, using the ear's anatomy to conceal them. They are also made in the hairline of the temple.

How to Take Care of the Skin After a Facelift Surgery? 

Post-surgery, the patient must follow the proper steps advised by the surgeon to help the cuts heal with minimal scarring. Dr. Medha Bhave will know the patient’s specific case and post-surgical needs and help to create an individualised plan to minimise the appearance of scars. One can speed up their recovery by taking good care of themselves. Healing can be aided by having a healthy body and skin, getting enough rest, drinking plenty of water, and maintaining a balanced diet.

One should also be careful to keep themselves covered and out of the skin as much as possible to help the scars heal without causing any further damage. Direct sunlight can lighten or darken the scar tissue post-procedure. A skilled plastic surgeon will do their best to reduce any potential scarring. However, a facelift is one of the least likely procedures that leave behind a visible scar.

Is there Anything to Do to Help the Facelift Scars Resolve?

If one is concerned about scarring after a facelift, it is important to discuss the methods of scar minimisation and prevention with the expert facelift surgeon before the procedure. One must follow the surgeon’s post-surgical instructions to reduce the appearance of scars. They can include:

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Refrain from smoking/alcohol
  • Taking a lot of rest
  • Proper wound care
  • Staying hydrated
  • Avoiding placing stress on the incision.

Final Takeaway

Facelift surgery, when performed by a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon, can make a face appear younger by five to seven years, and the results last longer. At Laser Cosmesis, plastic surgery clinic in Thane, one can get natural results with facelift surgery. The clinic uses a wide range of the latest fat grafting and tubeless techniques to perform the procedure.

To know more about the cost or benefits of Facelift Surgery Cost in Thane, consult Dr. Medha Bhave at Laser Cosmesis. One can also avail the benefits of brow lift, blepharoplasty, buccal fat reduction, chin & cheek surgery, lip reduction, rhinoplasty and other procedures at the clinic.

Pay a visit to the clinic today to achieve the incredible transformation with the best plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures!

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