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Are The Host Families A Vital Part Of Summer Camps In Ireland?

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Yes, the host families are a special group of people who can hoast or welcome a young person or child into their home and family. Hoast families or Guardianship Ireland allow the students and children from overseas for the summer camp and school exchange students worldwide. With several hoast families at every corner of Ireland, you can rest assured that your child is in good care. Every hoast family welcomes a young person into their lives in their unique and memorable way.



Hoast families come in all shapes and sizes and live in all parts of Ireland. The primary role of the Host Family In Ireland is to provide care and support for summer camp students and treat them like their own children. It is a lifetime experience that both the family and the child will never forget and develop a lifelong relationship with them.


What do host families provide for children?

The Host Family Dublin provides their students with

    • An area for the students to complete homework
    • A room in their home with closet space and a bed
    • All meals, including the packed lunch for the school days
    • A chance to become a part of their family
    • Dublin Host Families are not responsible for paying any further costs for the children.
    • Students bring their own money for the summer camp activities, personal expenses, travel, etc.
    • Students have an insurance policy for medical and other potential needs.

Hoasting is a voluntary experience, but we provide a financial contribution to all the host families associated with us to cover the costs of hosting a young person in their home.


    • Who qualifies to become a host family? 

Anyone can be a good host family for exchange students. Old, young, couples, single people, married, unmarried. Or parents with older children, grandparents, parents with children who have moved away from home, parents with young children, or adults without children. The host families don’t need to speak a foreign language. The host families need to provide children with a bed, but they can share a room with one or more children or another exchange student. Students can only share a room with people of the same gender.


Who can be a good host student? 

Our hoast students came from many destinations which have come to enjoy the Summer Camps In Ireland. Host families allow the students to grow and enrich themselves and the family they are staying with. Students need to follow the discipline and rules of their host families. They need to be a good roommate if they have to share a room with another person. The family you’re staying with doesn’t have to speak the same language as you. It would be a beneficial experience for both the family and you to learn each other’s language and culture



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