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It goes without saying that no device or network is completely secure. White hat security researchers, as well as notorious hackers, continue to make non-stop efforts to find a flaw in networks and take control of your devices. Your home or office WiFi network is no exception. Compared to wired networks, WiFi networks pose an additional security challenge, as their signals are accessible to the public.

Different security features like WPA2 can encrypt traffic, but there are techniques that have the power to mess with your security. Therefore, it is necessary to keep using different tools and methods to ensure your WiFi security. You can also read these tips to protect your WiFi router and take care of hacking attempts.


To test your network security and make sure you have the tools to protect yourself, you need a real WiFi hacking app for Android. As well as allowing you to get familiar with the subtleties of WiFi hacking, such an application will ensure you cover yourself.

The famous security instrument aircrack-ng is one such apparatus, which has been ported to Android by numerous Android designers and security fans. Running aircrack-ng on Android is certainly not no joking matter, yet the interesting part is having a WiFi chipset that supports screen mode.

WPA WPS Analyzer

WPA WPS Analyzer Android application is one of the most well known WiFi secret phrase programmer instruments, which was created fully intent on filtering WiFi networks for weaknesses.

This renowned hacking application is known for its capacity to break security. This application tests the association with Passages with WPS PIN, which are determined utilizing different calculations like Zhao, Squint, Asus, Arris, and so forth. This application needs Android 4.0 and is all set.

Kali Linux Nethunter

Practically every one of you should know about Kali Linux, the best working framework for moral hacking purposes. From its makers, Hostile Security, Kali Linux Nethunter is the primary open source Android entrance testing stage. Utilizing this Android hacking application, you want to send off Kali's Wifite device to proceed the cycle.

Nethunter's design interface permits you to manage complex arrangement records. Its custom bit, which upholds 802.11 remote infusion, makes Kali Nethunter a high priority Android hacking instrument.


Zanti, from the house of Zimperium, is a very popular hacking application that allows security managers to analyze the risk levels in a network. This easy-to-use mobile penetration toolkit can be used for Wi-Fi network assessment and penetration.

Your Wi-Fi scanner displays access points with known default key settings in green. You can also use the app to kill connections and prevent the target from accessing any website or server. By copying the techniques utilized by cyberattacks, you can recognize openings in your organization and fix them.


Reaver for Android, likewise called RfA for short, is a WiFi secret key programmer application that is not difficult to involve Reaver-GUI for Android cell phones. Reaver recognizes WPS-empowered remote switches without anyone else as it upholds screen mode and can be turned here and there whenever.

With its GUI, all Reaver settings are accessible. This WiFi hacking application dispatches a beast force assault against WPS recorder PINs and recuperates WPA/WPA2 passphrases. Tried on a wide assortment of gadgets, Reaver is equipped for getting the objective AP's plaintext WPA/WPA2 passphrase inside 2-5 hours. To wrap things up, Reaver for Android likewise upholds outside scripts.

Penetrate Pro

Penetrate Pro is a simple tool that has the potential to address your WiFi analysis needs. Requires rooting to work and scan for available WiFi networks. It works with different types of routers and calculates WEP/WPA keys.

Map N

Nmap for Android is a useful app to hack WiFi and take a look at hosts, services, packets, firewalls, etc. available. Nmap for Android is useful for both Android devices with and without an Internet connection. However, non-root users cannot use advanced features like SYN scanning and OS fingerprinting.

The developers of this WiFi hacker app have shared the already compiled binary versions of Nmap with OpenSSL support. Nmap is also available on other platforms like Windows, Linux, etc.

Wi-Fi Death

For most of the ethical hackers, WiFi Kill is one of the WiFi hacking apps that really works. As its name suggests, WiFi Kill is an application that allows you to disable a device's Internet connection. With a simple interface, you can use WiFi Kill to get rid of unnecessary network users.

Its other features include displaying traffic used by a device, network names, and capturing traffic from websites visited by other devices. Please note that WiFi Kill hacker app needs root access to work. When you turn on the app, after scanning the network, it shows the different connected users. You can simply use the kill button to terminate Internet connectivity.



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