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This is the time of year where hot weather comes back and so do my patients, all over their lives, who have symptoms and diseases. Allergic reactions to plants or chemicals that we frequently come into contact with can involve them. I even see patients with upper air-conditioning and dehumidifiers causing illnesses!

Environmental diseases are causing hundreds of people to bring moderate to serious allergic reactions to everything in their everyday lives to physicians or emergency rooms every spring and summer. Professional mold testing companies in ottawa discuss some of the frequent exposures to patients in our immediate area of itchy skin rashes, high air disorder, stomach upsets, and headaches as well as what you may do to cure and/or avoid them.

Allergens Plant Responses

I can't tell you how many patients I see with a case of “itchy” every spring or summer, skin rash due to their house, flowers, or grass. Usually, on the lower legs, braces, or face, the rash emerges. This form of reaction is known as touch dermatitis, ranging from moderate to extreme, with mild redness, to seriously inflamed and fluid oozing sometimes seen with poisoned eggs or oaks. You know how miserable and unpleasant it can feel if you have ever seen a plant reaction like that.

What do we do?

Please go to a doctor's or walk-in clinic if you wheat, have tightness in your mouth, have problems breathing with a skin reaction, or you may have a serious systemic allergy to an offensive herb.

If you experience poison ivy or oak, your doctor can prescribe a prescription steroid to avoid the immediate effect and to reduce its course between the normal 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days when the reaction is extreme with the use of weeping blisters and excessive itching. If the reaction is milder, you may want to handle it yourself by having a tender soap shower to help open the blisters in order to drain the itchy pus. Applying a few drops of lavender oil with refrigerated witch hazel can make these oocyte lesions dry and reduce prickliness. This combination also acts for vector- or chigger-borne scratching.

Many plant allergies react to witch hazel and the use of Calamine lotion in cleaning areas. Taking 1 tsp of Benadryl fluid helps you to scratch and/or swelling.

The reaction must be detected as soon as the second exposure can contribute to a worse reaction. You will have to see a skin checking allergist for common foods, herbs, and weeds. Carry long sleeves and socks of cotton and gloves during planting or elimination. Be alert not to rub your cheek since this moves the offender to your face.

Wipe them with a damp baby wipe or animal wipe in order to force some seedling oil away from their hair that could be transmitted to you by rubbing against you or jumping up on couches or beds.


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