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Even a small distinct spot on the skin can cause us to get tensed as to why this tiny little spot came up. Imagine the condition of those suffering from serious skin infections! Tinea versicolor is one such infection where the skin turns into small discolored patches, due to a common fungal infection.

The fungus interferes with the normal pigmentation of the skin, resulting in lighter or darker patches, especially on the trunk and shoulders.

Although it isn’t painful or contagious, it can significantly impact self-esteem and lead to emotional distress.

Understanding tinea versicolor in detail

Tinea is the name of a group of diseases caused by a fungus, and Versicolor means changeable in color. When the skin of an individual is infected by a particular fungus, the imbalance is manifested in the skin, causing the accumulation of toxins. This toxin accumulation gets into the deeper layers of the skin, affecting the muscles, blood, nutrient plasma, and lymphatic tissues; thus causing tinea versicolor.

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