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As a family car in Indonesia, the name Toyota Avanza can't just be forgotten. This car with a capacity of 7 passengers has a slogan as the car of a million people, aka the best-selling car in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, Avanza is sold at a price range of Rp. 200 million to Rp. 249 million. One of its closest competitors is the Suzuki Ertiga.

The Suzuki Ertiga is arguably one of the most popular family cars. The selling price itself is in the range of IDR 207 million to IDR 263 million. Both of these cars can be said to have low maintenance costs.

However, sometimes there are still questions about the cost of maintenance. Approximately which maintenance costs for the Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Avanza are cheaper?

Suzuki Ertiga Maintenance Costs

10,000 Km

In the first 10,000 km, the Suzuki Ertiga has a maintenance fee at an official workshop with a tag of Rp. 317 thousand.

This cost represents the cost of replacing components such as oil gaskets, engine oil and engine oil filters. Replacement of engine components is the same for manual or automatic transmission variants.

20,000 Km

Entering the 20,000 km distance, there are several components that must be replaced. These components such as spark plugs, oil gaskets, transmission oil, engine oil and engine oil filters.

The total cost to be paid is around IDR 722 thousand. In terms of components, more are replaced because the distance traveled is also increasing.

30,000 Km

When entering a distance of 30,000 km, or equivalent to a usage period of 3 years, the money spent will be the same as the distance of 10,000 km. The owner will spend Rp. 317 thousand.

This cost represents the cost of replacing components such as oil gaskets, engine oil and engine oil filters. Replacement of engine components is the same for manual or automatic transmission variants.

40,000 Km

Entering a further distance, which is 40,000 km, the money that must be spent will also be even greater. Maintenance costs for the Suzuki Ertiga manual transmission are around IDR 1 million.

As for the automatic transmission type, it ranges from IDR 1.3 million for maintenance costs at this 40,000 km. Some of the components that are replaced include spark plugs, air filters, engine oil, radiator water, brake fluid and transmission oil.

Maintenance costs for the Toyota Avanza

10,000 Km

As a car for a million people, fanatical fans always say that the maintenance costs for this Toyota Avanza are the cheapest. Is that right?

At the time of entering 10,000 km, the maintenance costs that must be spent reach Rp 360 thousand. You could say the cost of maintaining this mileage is not much different from the cheaper Suzuki Ertiga.

20,000 Km

Entering the 20,000 km distance, the maintenance costs that must be paid reach Rp.497 thousand.

At these points there are several components that need to be replaced including the oil filter, oil gasket, wheel balancing and engine oil. The 20,000 km mileage is arguably the equivalent of 2 years of usage.

30,000 Km

Then, what about when the car enters its 3-year usage period? Will it be more expensive?

The maintenance costs are arguably the same as the maintenance costs at 20,000 km. The money spent reached Rp. 497 thousand with the replacement of the same components as above.

40,000 Km

Meanwhile, at a distance of 40,000 km, more component replacement will be required. Such as oil filters, oil gaskets, engine oil, wheel balancing, air filters and brake fluid.

Due to manual transmission, there will be additional changes for axle oil and transmission oil. The total deferred costs were in the range of Rp1.3 million.


Although both are the best-selling family cars, they still have their advantages and disadvantages. One of them is the cost of the treatment itself.

For the Suzuki Ertiga, the advantage is in lower maintenance costs than the Toyota Avanza. Another advantage that this car offers is excellent cabin comfort.

The suspension embedded in the Ertiga chassis is able to absorb shocks very well compared to the Toyota Avanza. This has been proven through the test drive session that we have done.

The disadvantage of this car may lie in a less strong brand image. Unfortunately the Indonesian people are more indoctrinated through the Toyota brand, which is considered king.

Many people think that if you want to buy a car, buy the Toyota brand. I don't know who started it, but this is clearly wrong. All brands in Indonesia, both Suzuki and Toyota, are equally good.

Both are brands from Japan which have factories in Indonesia. When talking about the advantages of the Toyota Avanza, many people think that the resale price of this car is considered good.

Because there are still many people who want to buy this car even though it is in a used condition. This is clearly another advantage of the Toyota Avanza, which in our opinion is again a brand factor.

After knowing many things about the maintenance costs for the latest Suzuki Ertiga, in fact, it can be concluded that the price is not expensive.

ComparedMileageSuzuki Ertiga Maintenance CostsMaintenance costs for the Toyota Avanza10,000 KmIDR317 thousandIDR 360 thousand20,000 KmIDR722 thousandIDR 497 thousand30,000 KmIDR317 thousandIDR 497 thousand40,000 KmRp1 millionRp1.4 millionTotalIDR 2.3 millionIDR 2.7 million

For us personally, this is quite affordable. On the other hand, Suzuki dealerships are readily available in many places throughout the country. Within 30 months after purchase, you only need to prepare funds of less than Rp. 3 million for both Suzuki Indonesia, the latest Suzuki Ertiga, manual and automatic.

So, the process doesn't need to be complicated and easy to reach. Not surprisingly, the Suzuki Ertiga, which is the latest Suzuki car, still gets a lot of positive responses from the public.


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