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Martin Sigren on his nation's amazing qualification for Rugby World Cup. They'll face England in the group stage. In the shady depths of a Yorkshire winter. Martin Sigren is putting in the foundation for his days in the sun at the World Cup. As a trailblazer for the Chile rugby team with his significant feats and choice of body art. By the time the flanker, 26, leads the developing South American nation into battle against England in Lille in September.

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Argentina Vs Chile: Chile's Condors are flying ahead of RWC 2023
Argentina Vs Chile: Chile's Condors are flying ahead of RWC 2023

He hopes that all his teammates will arrogantly wear an ink symbol of their achievement. After Los Condores of Chile upset the USA in Glendale, Colorado last summer. To qualify for the France Rugby World Cup for the first time. Their captain knew how he would mark the event. The tattoo and badge game, he tells the media. It was my carnival. The condor is our state bird, it's the biggest bird in the Andes region.

It has a gigantic wingspan, of three metres, and it flies up to 4,000 metres, in the highlands. It's our team's name, so it means everything about this revolution. I have made individually, to be in this place. Some of the players have had it too. I faith they all get it. Chile's Condors are truly rising. Turning the oval-ball balance of power in the Americas upside-down cannot be exaggerated. Just three years after the first step towards small-scale expertise with the development of a high-performance centre.

Chile team had beaten Rugby World Cup partisans Canada

Pablo Lemoine's dedicated band of brothers had beaten RWC partisans in Canada. Then the USA earned their room at the competition in France. In rugby's corridors of power, there is a frantic desire to unlock a possibly lucrative market in the States. But Sigren felt the Chile team simply had more desire than their northern rivals. As they clawed back a 19-0 second-leg shortfall to win 52-51 combined.

We supposed it was our main weapon over the US having this huge purpose, he says. We worked on empathy, why are we doing this? Who am I signifying? It was the same for the games against Canada and all of the qualifying. We created this collective drive and that is what got us where we are. In this game with so much burden, it was about who wanted it. What we displayed was that we wanted it more than they did.

Argentina Vs Chile: Chile's Condors are flying ahead of RWC 2023
Argentina Vs Chile: Chile's Condors are flying ahead of RWC 2023

Former Uruguay prop Lemoine gathered a squad who bought into a ruthless crusade and Sigren set the tone in giving body and soul to the cause, for very little own gain initially. It took a huge cost to get where we are, he says. This was hard. It was not until 2021 that we were success paid at all. We don't get paid even close to plenty to be able to live with. In 2019, and 2020 we did everything on a fully sloppy basis just our passion, training from 6.30 am to 8.30 am.

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We had to leave nice things for RWC 2023 training

When we were done, we all went to the academy or to work. We had to leave nice things away families and girlfriends and social life. When I grew up, I had so many occasions. So I was leaving this careless life to focus on my France Rugby World Cup dream. People I know took the whole summer for vacations and all had fun, but I had this task. This voice inside me was pushing me on. Luckily for me, my family held me the whole way.

Sigren was with his four brothers and the whole family when he accepted the call which would change his life. Last season, the flanker had spoken to Doncaster but the talks had not advanced. As their priority was to find a lock. But in August, his manager got in touch to say the Championship club wanted to sign him, instantly. There wasn't much time to consider it. It was really quick, he says. On a Sunday, I had a call from my boss saying Doncaster wanted me.

Now. On a Monday, I had a meeting with the coach, Steve Boden. Then on Wednesday, I received the offer, which I had to receive or refuse on Thursday. It was a big life choice made in less than a week. But it was something I have been fantasising about for a couple of years. It's a new practice. Being out of my country, out of my luxury zone, and in a different culture, has been a challenge. My co-players are from all around the UK and there are a couple of strong accents.

Argentina Vs Chile Tickets | RWC 2023 Tickets | Rugby World Cup Tickets | Rugby World Cup Final Tickets | France Rugby World Cup Tickets
Argentina Vs Chile Tickets | RWC 2023 Tickets | Rugby World Cup Tickets | Rugby World Cup Final Tickets | France Rugby World Cup Tickets

Let's carry more Chileans into the league

The Welsh guys are the most solid to understand! But I have managed to get my ear modified, to know them. While he has been adapting to his new surroundings and a higher standard of rugby. Sigren understands the effect of his move as a muse to players at home. He holds that. I feel proud to be that first guy, primary those doors, he says. My image will expectantly make people here say. These are some proper players, they have a good ethos and work ethic.

Let's bring more Chileans into the league. It's a huge duty being the first Chilean and it's something I like to convey. There are lots of kids at home following me, asking queries. Also, my parents asked me for advice. They are looking at me as a big name to follow. When I was at school, being a skilled rugby player. I couldn't visualize it. We saw the high level of other nations and it looked so far away. The culture is that you have to go to college. Rugby is a hobby. You need to study, and build a business.

My parents wanted me to be a business director, so I went to university and studied. It was Pablo who brought in high-performance rugby and gave us a gamble to use our potential. Our small bit of gift and our big hearts. Now, we have 16-year-olds who can trance the national team and play pro. That's huge. It has unlocked the door.

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Argentina Vs Chile Tickets | RWC 2023 Tickets | Rugby World Cup Tickets | Rugby World Cup Final Tickets | France Rugby World Cup Tickets

Argentina Rugby World Cup team one of the greatest wins in history

Los Pumas have a long history in the sport of rugby. From the Americas, only Argentina and Canada have played in every RWC. Argentina is a two-time Semi-Finalist in the race and the only Semi-Finalists never to have presented a world cup match. Argentina is one of seven nations to have beaten New Zealand in a test game. It was Argentina’s 228th triumph from 451 capped test games.

Argentina’s win over France to open Rugby World Cup 2007 was not a disappointment. Los Pumas defeated France in four successive games from 2002-2004. This tangled a 24-14 win in Marseilles. France was 27-26 winners in Paris in 2006. Unlike the above-mentioned results, the one in 2007 made or break. Argentina resisted to secure matches; there was no place for them in the Tri-Nations or Six Nations contests.

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