Art 4 Peace Awards 2021 was successfully organized in San Diego, sponsored by Graig and Shelly

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San Diego, CA:

The Art 4 Peace Awards 11th global event took place on 25, September 2021, at the beautiful Westin Resort Carlsbad in San Diego. Art-4-Peace Awards organization is a shining star of the world and the pride of Beverly Hills. It was started with a great intention and purpose to serve society, that is why success was written. It has done more work than so many huge organizations that exist for years.

Dame Dr. Munni Irone is a visionary who has created millions of jobs in the US and is the philanthropist queen of Beverly Hills and the founder of and made her special appearance at the event site with her entourage in a beautiful custom made Mercedes Limo sponsored by Mr. Graig. Her international and national guests were received by the media and the musician Shalom on the accordion.

Art-4-Peace Awards is a non-profit 5013c, but the founder does not know how to ask?. She spends 100% of her personal funds to get global work going. She believes people with a conscience will come on board and help her. Her work is divine, so shall be done. Would you care to make a global change? Then, join her global team. She is the most active global peace leader in the world with forty years of serving.

Mr. Matt Rodriguez is the candidate for L.A. sheriff. He was awarded Hero of the Pandemic. His intention was to bring peace to the police and give them emotional, spiritual, and mental support regularly. He wants to get solid companies to help him increase wages and attract more educated police. He also wants to educate the people about the importance of police in providing a safe community.

Hero of Pandemic Royal Award also went to Jude Elie, who is a presidential candidate for Haiti. He and mayor Dr. Michael Vo were the chief guests of honor.

Mr. Jude Elie has collected 200 million dollars in goods for his country with the help of Dame Munni Irone, who wants no financial gain but she definitely stands for the people and by the people. Mr. Matt Rodriguez will be visiting Haiti for the distribution of the goods.

Mr. Jude is going to hand-deliver these goods. Right now arrangements are being made. He is reaching out to his people for love, peace, and smart business. A Vision of New Haiti and collaboration with the Opposition to a united Haiti.

His excellency Mayor Michael Vo, from fountain valley-orange county, received his honorary Ph.D. and Hero of Pandemic Royal Award.

Dame Munni Irone is a great leader of the Pandemic. She has served 18 patients with Covid-19 without any fear, and she still never got Covid.  She is a woman, who has been recognized globally for her work.

The woman of the year award 2021 went to Lily Lisa for her help with the unfortunate with the customary Chinese Red envelope.

Dame Dr. Munni Irone said, “Art-4-Peace Awards VIP guests want to see if its flowers then they go to the green they are led to the green carpet for the interviews. We want to thank Graig and Shelly for sponsoring  Art-4-Peace Awards 2021, and they are the winners of entrepreneur of the year awards.”

Further, she added “We want to thank Mr. David from Beverly Hills for donating his seven-foot painting to Art 4 peace awards to raise funds, but the funds went to Graig and Shelly for other charities. It was a beautiful soiree.”

Dr. Penelope Aphrodite Foskaris is a humanitarian, mother,  nutritionist, Lifecoach, health coach, awarded honorary 3rd Ph.D. to Dame Munni Irone. Dr. Penelope has spent her life trying to make this world a better place to live in. Helping people with difficulties such as Depression, PTSD, Homelessness, Abuse, Human Trafficking, Nutrition. Presently, Dr. Penelope is helping orphanages in Ghana and India.

Munni also said “Dr. Penelope is an ambassador for the Worldwide Youth Congress founded by Dame Munni Irone. Dr. Penelope runs an Anti-Aging Center in Anaheim Hills, California. We want to thank the Vice president of ART 4 PEACE AWARDS Ms. Bonzie William for providing security for the VIP guests”

The best Latina film was awarded to Expiacion and the Mexican actress went to Vicky Conteras. Minister Avital was decorated as an official Minister of for commerce. Also, Mrs. Abi was representing Nigerian University and she was part of decorating the awardees.

Art 4 Peace holding multiple platforms for the betterment of society like,,, and


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