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Art and craft activities to try at home

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A new wave of technical gadgets has fascinated parents. Most of them resort to such modern toys to keep kids occupied. True, such advanced games are imperative for growth in today's era. You should introduce them to kids to make them adapt to the changing technology. But this should not come at the expense of them losing the essence of unstructured playtime. Children need to engage in open-ended play for effective learning.

Create an atmosphere that encourages them to explore their creativity. For this, get them craft materials and let them use their imagination. Even if you let them on their own with such supplies, they come up with creative ideas. Kids are boundless when it comes to inventiveness. You only need to give them an anchor to get started. If you want better results, guide them in the following ways:


A single piece of paper is all you need to put your imagination to use. This is what origami is all about. An ancient paper craft activity involves folding paper multiple times to create shapes. This leads to different creations like a boat, aeroplane, butterfly, flower, etc. The possibilities are endless. Also, using colourful craft papers adds to the exciting aspect.


One of the easiest and fundamental art activities to start with kids is sketching. It requires simple art supplies like a pencil, colour pens, and a piece of paper. You need not get engaged in this activity. Leaving kids alone with these supplies lets them explore their imaginative side. They primarily engage in scribbling at a young age.

Modelling with clay

Almost every kid enjoys playing in the dirt. Ever wondered why? No, it is not just about the mess. Sensory stimulation is addictive and makes way for learning. Modelling clay lets you give this child play activity a structured approach. Moulding the clay allows the imagination to sour. Kids start with disoriented shapes. But as they make progress, sculpting drives creativity.

Miniature model making

If you cannot think of any activity, use activity kits. You find such projects with instructions. They include building pieces and a blueprint. Following the instructions lets you create models like a remote-control robot, aeroplane, doll, or other miniature figures. The result leads to creative fulfilment in children.

DIY projects

Sustainability is all the rage these days. Instead of buying new, creating from existing materials is more appealing. It not only saves the environment but results in personalisation. Why not include the kids in this activity? Engage them as assistants while you create Do-It-Yourself items. This includes colourful pots, wall hangings, vases, centrepieces, etc.



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