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Arthosamid Treatment: The Best Alternatives To Knee Replacement For Aged People

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Osteoarthritis develops as you age or reach your fifties. Although it used to only affect older people, this knee joint issue is now affecting people who are quite young. Theoretically, osteoarthritis causes the soft tissues in your knee to deteriorate and eventually become immobile.

This is according to medical science. The lubricant, or synovial fluid, that is present in between your knee joints slowly dries up as a result of this wear and tear. The arthrosamid treatment has been regarded as one of the best alternatives to knee replacement for elderly people, even though there are numerous treatment options available to treat this issue. So read this write-up till the end to explore some more about the arthsoamid treatment.

What Is An Arthosamid Injection?

Doctors interpret and describe the arthosamid injection primarily as an intra-articular polyacrylamide hydrogel injection for the symptomatic management of osteoarthritis. In essence, the fluid injected acts as a cushion between the knee joints. You can see that four weeks after the injection, the gel begins to function and it will absorb the shock on moving. One of the most crucial factors is that the gel component is naturally non-biodegradable, which means that it will keep the pain under control for a long time.

Now That You Have A Clear Idea About The Arthosamid Injection, Let's Explore Some Of Its Benefits

Here are listed below all three benefits you receive from arthosamid injection

  • Safe Process 

The arthosamid treatment is one of the best alternatives to knee replacement for senior patients because it is a very safe treatment for them. The doctors have declared that the treatment has no adverse side effects after executing several clinical trials. The most common side effect is slight injection site pain; other than this, it has no other side effects. This treatment will save you from the hands of surgery in old age.

  • Simple Process 

In comparison to surgery and knee replacement, arthosamid treatment for osteoarthritis is a very straightforward procedure. The report claims that following a USG of your damaged knee at the beginning of treatment, doctors will then administer the appropriate dosage of hydrogel to your knee joints. This gel prevents irritation from friction and keeps your knee joints lubricated.

  • Positive Response 

Patients who received the arthosamid injection experienced complete and effective pain relief. Due to the non-biodegradable nature of the gel that is injected between your knee joints, it acts as a lubricant and absorbs all the pain and friction for a long time. A significant development in medical science during the modern era is the gel formula.

So here are all the justified reasons why arthosamid is considered the best alternative to knee replacement for elderly people. If you are facing an osteoarthritis problem, then look no further and book an appointment with our specialized doctors. If you find this blog useful, then do visit our official website to explore more about our Arthrosamid treatment, available at a reasonable fee.


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