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As an electrician, why do you think it’s important to fix a loose electrical outlet box? 

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Do you know how to fix a faulty electrical outlet box? We advise delegating this kind of work to Electrician Freshwater. A faulty electrical plug poses a serious risk. 

Wall studs or sheet rock are drilled holes into to secure the outlet boxes, which hold the electrical outlets. Eventually, the outlet box could detach from whatever it was secured to. When you pull a cord out of an outlet, if it feels like the outlet is going to come out of the wall, this is likely what is happening. 

You can't just tighten the screws and call it good if you have a loose electrical outlet box. A smaller outlet box may need to be substituted. The hole in the wall may even need to be repaired or resized. There may be hidden problems, such as frayed wires, that are extremely dangerous to you and your family. 

This is why it's critical to have a professional electrician fix any electrical outlet boxes that have become loose. 

Signs That Your Electrical Box Is Loose 

A loose electrical outlet box can be identified by its telltale symptoms. When you unplug a heavy appliance, the outlet may feel like it's being pulled out of the wall. Perhaps the panel can be moved laterally. Not to mention, the faceplate isn't mounted flush to the wall. These are all symptoms of a loose electrical outlet box. 

If the electrical box around an outlet has been unsecured for a while, the wires going into that outlet may be in the same state. Significant wire damage may have occurred if the wires had been rubbing against any hard objects or sharp edges. The outlet can't be used until it's been fixed, and only a professional can do that. 

Other Possible Harm from Unsecured Plug-In Boxes 

Failure to address a broken outlet box can result in a variety of complications. Some of these complications may seem minor, but they can have dire consequences. 

Faceplate cracks after being repeatedly slammed against the loose outlet box. If the faceplate breaks, any exposed wires could be deadly. The plug-in outlet should not be used until its cover plate has been replaced. 

Unreliable battery charging – If the electrical box for an outlet isn't securely fastened, power cords won't always make a good connection, and electronics won't always charge. The battery may eventually die due to the erratic power supply. 

Damage to the cord can occur when unplugging a device that was plugged in with a lot of force. When this happens, the wires in the cord can become disconnected and useless. In the worst case scenario, electric shock could be caused by the exposed wires in the cord. 

Risk of electrical shock is high when an electrical box is not securely fastened. Please get this fixed as soon as possible if this happens to you when plugging in or unplugging a cord. 



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