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Astrology Tips to Get Rid of Financial Problems

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The astrologers are mostly poured with the queries related to the financial problems. People usually seek astrological guidance to solve their financial problems and losses in business. In this write up we will try to make out how can astrology improve financial status of a person?

 There are certain indications in the birth chart which make us realize about the financial prosperity or crunches in life. Planets in different houses and the formation of certain yogas help us to see the financial status of a person clearly.

Will I ever be rich?

Everyone desire to gain riches in life, but not everyone gets it. To attain immense wealth in life, there must be wealth yoga or dhan yoga in the horoscope. Those ultra rich people you see around the world somewhere have strong dhan yoga in their charts. The second house in kundli is the place of wealth and the eleventh house shows financial gains. When these two houses or their lords connect, there is dhan yoga in the birth chart. Now, the strength of this yoga will explain the quantum of wealth for a person.


Secondly, the birth chart's 5th and 9th houses are called the Laxmi sthaan or the places of wealth. When the lords of the Kendra houses make connections with the trine houses, the person gets immense wealth in life through a rajyoga. The astrologer may see the position of planets to explain your riches in life.


There is daridra yoga or yoga for poverty as well, one must identify any of these negative yogas and perform timely remedies for the same. So, if you wish to know will you ever be rich, look for the dhan yoga in your chart with the help of the best astrologer.

Loans – the biggest threat and boon at the same time!

People take loans forcibly for overcoming financial crunches and intentionally for business expansion. Loan and Debts Astrology may predict the possibilities of taking and the capability to repay the loans. Also whether one should take the loan or avoid it can also be known conveniently.

The planet Mars is the karaka of debt and if it makes any connections with the 6th and eleventh  house then there is a possibility of taking huge loans. There are many instances when people have taken huge loans and fell into miserable conditions for not paying it back. Avoid any such situation by getting your birth chart analyzed to know the repercussions of borrowings in your life.

Finance Astrology is not against taking loans as many times it is necessary to take loan for expansion of business or starting a new venture. But before taking any loans one must be sure enough about its after effects. One must know whether he would be able to repay the loan and pay the installments conveniently. If your business runs smooth, there can be less of problems but what if your business also fails? In that case, an astrologer may make you aware about your coming times and also give guidance to know whether it is beneficial to take a loan for you or not.

It is interesting to know that sometimes the astrologer suggests taking a small loan as it works as a super remedy for the person to take him to the heights of success. If the birth chart allows, the person can get immense success in business by taking loans.

Which planet is responsible for wealth?

In Astrology, the planet Venus is the planet of wealth. It signifies Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth. If Venus is in the favorable position in the birth chart, there are possibilities of living a luxurious life for a person.

Similarly, Jupiter in a good position makes the person earn too much wealth in life. If both Jupiter and Venus are in Kendra, the person gets wealth in life and leads a trouble-free life from a financial point of view.

The Moon and Mercury represent finance in the birth chart. If Venus and Moon are associated with each other, there is a strong probability of the person amassing wealth. Similarly, Mercury in a good position gives wealth to the person.

The combination of Mars and Moon is called Laxmi yoga. The person gets wealth in life, and there is no lack of money or financial crunches in his life. However, this combination makes the person cunning, but it is only through his tactics that he earns money.

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In malefic planets, Rahu is known to give that much wealth that no other planet in the astrological cabinet can give. Rahu gives sudden wealth and is always beyond the person's imagination. Rahu may take the person in immoral or illicit means and make him earn unimaginable wealth there. But sometimes, if it is placed in an auspicious place in the horoscope, then it gives great success in business or career and the person amasses huge wealth with it. Rahu always gives in abundance, and mostly its placement in the 11th house or its relation with the Kendra or trikona lords gives the huge amount of wealth. 

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