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Attack on Titan has become one of the biggest anime/manga series of all time in the last few years. It is not possible to put into words how much success it has had over the years on the anime industry. Despite the release of some really good shows in the last few years, Attack on Titan has remained the most popular. It has consistently done better than its competition, but its fast-approaching end raises a lot of questions. It is hard to predict whether there will be any anime of its caliber in the coming years or not. The show’s overall plot has been well thought out and continues to intrigue its fans even after so many years. 

The series’s final season will address many important questions that the fans have been eager to know. Season 3 of the anime had a ton of game-changing moments. The characters got to know a lot about the past and discovered many secrets. Unlike the other two seasons, season 3 was not all about blood and battles as the viewers got to experience some sweet moments, too, as their favorite characters looked back on the past with nostalgia. 

As Eren and his companions struggle to find out what to do next, Season 4 is all set to open up a small corner to the world, which might end up having far-reaching consequences. However, the new character designs for the final season have revealed major plot points for the anime, and those who are familiar with manga must be well aware of it. The new character designs of Armin, Eren, Levi, and Connie reveal that characters have aged and matured. It appears that there will be a time skip somewhere between the two seasons.

The manga readers have been well aware of it, and the anime has taken a lot of time to catch up to it. The anime debuted in 2013, and ever since then, the fans have been expecting that it would soon catch up with the manga. The upcoming season will be developed by MAPPA, which has been responsible for some of the best animated shows of 2020. So, it would be exciting to see what awaits in the final season. Moreover, the consequences of the time skip and the events that happen also raise a lot of questions. Irrespective of how Attack on Titan concludes, one can be confident that the upcoming season will be unforgettable.

Source: Attack on Titan: What Can Be Expect From the Final Season of the Show?

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