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Australian Made Swimwear

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Are you looking to splash around in the sea or lay on the beach and enjoy the sunshine? With Nova Swimwear you can enjoy it in style. Our comprehensive assortment will allow you to feel comfortable and attractive both in and out of the water as the largest and trendiest Australian made swimwear business.

Nova Swimwear has been leading the way in Australian made swimwear in 1986 since it was established on the shores of Gold Coast. We design top-of-the-line swimming and beachwear for males as well as females in Australia and across the globe, drawing inspiration from the world of exotic destinations. We're determined to increase the heat, while still remaining elegant, and when we're your choice, you'll be being a part of Australia's most loved swimwear brand.

Australian created chlorine resistant swimming wear

Australian made swimwear that's chlorine resistant is made of a fabric that can withstand any effects caused by chlorine water exposure, like fading and stretching. On the other hand swimsuits can be worn in any water pool. If you participate in water aerobics, hydrotherapy, swimming lessons, as well as lap swimming, suggest you to wear chlorine-resistant swimwear. Lycra and nylon elastic, that break down in hot spas and pools, cannot be present in chlorine-resistant swimwear.

Nova Swimwear is a chlorine-resistant swimming wear company located in Australia. Our safe for swimming pool Australian made swimwear collection is regularly updated and constantly expanded to allow you to look and feel fabulous in trendy, long-lasting clothing. If you intend to spend the majority of your time in heated public pools or public pools, we strongly advise you to investing in chlorine-resistant swimming wear.

In light of the growing demand for aquatic fitness, we aim to provide a diverse range of options for individuals of all ages, sizes, and shapes. We offer chlorine-resistant one-piece bather’s tankini tops, swimming dresses, as well as a variety of swimming bottoms as well as other accessories to suit your needs. To make the most of your time in the pool get yourself some new, chlorine-resistant swimwear.

Swimwear for boys

Boys' swimwear, from wetsuits to swimming trunks are available in our store for swimming for a variety of purposes. The majority of the swimwear we sell is either training or racing. For classes in swimming, as well as laps of swimming, swimming wear is supplied. Racing swimwear, on the other hand, is specifically designed to be used in competition!

Nova Swimwear has four different kinds of swimwear for boys:

  • Trunks

They extend from the top of the thigh to the waistline. In recent times, these types of swimsuits have grown in popularity for both training and recreational swimming. They're a bit larger than normal swimming trunks and provide a little extra coverage. According to swimmers, the swimming trunks can make them feel more protected in the pool than shorts for swimming, giving them greater security in the pool. Swim trunks are also more fashionable, featuring bright and colorful patterns and designs. As a result, they're very popular among younger swimmers.

  • Jammers

Boys' swim jammers are easily identified by their resemblance to cycling shorts. We have Australian made swimwear styles all offer high-quality protection, but the boys' jammers are the most. They are available in a variety of styles and colors with lengths that range from the waist to just above the knee.

Jammers are great for all-round sports. They are suitable for both competitive and training swimming. Because of their perfect form, they cause low frictional pressure in the water. They come in a variety of patterns and colors as well. In our collection of swimming jammers we offer all kinds of styles from traditional black designs to trendy and trendy designs.

If your kid is beginning to compete in races or the older teenage athlete, you'll need to look into the FINA Approved Swimwear selection.

  • Briefs

It is the most popular kind of swimwear available for men and boys. Take the classic look. This is commonly called “trunks.” For boys, swimwear which has a height of less than 9cm is known in the style of “Briefs” at Nova Swimwear. They are defined by legs with a height of greater than 9cm. Briefs were among the fashionable type of Australian made swimwear in the late century, and featured the rounded, high-cut legs. As opposed to trunks or jammers, swim briefs have a simple design and cause less drag. Therefore, they're ideal for competitive swimmers or kids who are beginning to learn how to swim. They have the added benefit of being adaptable. They can be utilized for a wide range of activities. They are able to be used to perform a range of tasks like racing, training, diving, beach volleyball, and much more.

  • Shorts

Between jammers and trunks, boys' swimwear shorts fall situated in the middle of the length range. They extend to the center of the thigh. They're usually worn during training sessions or fitness sessions due to their high level of coverage. The majority of boy’s swimwear is chlorine-resistant, guaranteeing that your swimwear looks and feels wonderful after each swim!

Girls Swimwear

  • Swimsuits with one-piece pieces

One-piece swimsuits consist of one piece of clothing with or without adjustable straps. There's also plenty of choices in top silhouettes as well as lower coverage types that make it easy to select ones that have supportive components, with minimal to moderate coverage, and much more. A single piece with new embellishments can look stylish! Look at the oceanic stripes in a variety of patterns, colors as well as images of vacation-ready words. One-piece swimsuits are a classic and retro-styled piece of women's Australian made swimwear. A one-piece swimsuit is flattering for the body shape, and this elegant one-piece swimsuit is ideal for women who do not desire to show more skin.

  • Tankinis

A tankini-style swimsuit consists of a long tank top with swim bottoms that is worn with your preferred swim bottoms. This one-piece swimsuit means that you may enjoy the most desirable of both: the flexibility of a two-piece and the coverage provided by a one-piece. A tankini set is a bikini set that includes an oversized tank top as well as a bikini bottom. It creates a beautiful image, while simultaneously concealing belly fat. For women who are middle-aged this style is great for a weekend getaway or pool celebration.

  • Bikinis

A bikini is a swimsuit that has two pieces with slightly greater skin exposure than a one-piece swimsuit. Bikini bottoms and tops come in a range of designs that allows you to mix and match colors, patterns cuts, forms, and colors to create unique combinations! The bikini is the beach-goer's most-loved. It's a bikini-style swimsuit which is available in a variety different styles to suit any body type. Bikini designs include the monokini, microkini, skirting, tankini, bandeaukini and tankini.

  • Swimdress

A swimdress is a simple swimsuit that has an extended skirt. This distinctive design creates it the look of having a slimmer body while providing additional coverage. It also has some major vintage appeal. The swimdress is perfect to choose if you're looking for a feminine swimsuit. It's unique and charming since it's comprised of the swimsuit and dress.

Benefits of wearing top quality Australian made swimwear

You could purchase a less expensive swimsuit that won't fit properly and won't last very long. You could also opt for high-end Australian made swimwear that will last longer and look great for your physique.

It is a fact that a lot of people are ignorant about the benefits of Australian made swimwear particularly the more expensive and better-quality designs. You'll get numerous benefits and advantages by investing in higher-quality swimwear that it is unlikely that you consider doing it ever again.

  • Easy to find high quality swimwear

If you're looking to purchase a top-quality swimming costume it is important to know what you are looking for first. If you don't, you'll be paying the same price for the cheap alternatives as you would for the high-quality ones. Start looking for the top swimwear on the internet. Read reviews and make sure that you're aware of the types and the brands you might like to buy to get the most value for your money. There's no need to spend the most expensive, but you shouldn't buy cheap either. If it is more expensive than the other, it's likely to be of higher quality.

  • Changed your body type

One of the biggest advantages of Australian made swimwear can be that it can enhance the body type of you. It will totally conceal your flaws while highlighting your most attractive features.

If you purchase a less expensive swimsuit, you'll likely get one that's unformed and doesn't give your body any shape. It's not good to leave you looking and feeling ugly. If you're not happy with the way your body appears an attractive, high-end swimsuit can change your mind.

  • Sturdy and durable

You'd like to invest in something that will yield dividends in the long run. A piece of clothing that can last all the time you are away and not look dingy or utilized. If you purchase high-end Australian made swimwear, you'll get the perfect bathing suit that will look great for a long time. It's beginning to look old but the colors aren't changing. This is something you can't find if you purchase one from the store that you first visited at a bargain price.

  • Certain swimwear is chlorine-resistant

Have you observed that after long periods of time you notice that your swimsuits are losing their color and are stretching? Particularly in a swimming pool with a lot of chlorine?

Because these swimwear are not chlorination resistant it is true. Chlorine has a detrimental effect on the clothes you're wearing. You'll be able to see that the colors will not fade or fade away and the material doesn't stretch if you buy top-quality swimsuits. Due to the resistance to chlorine of these swimming suits, this is the situation. The chlorine content that is high in the water won't damage it.

  • Swimwear for the best holiday at the beach

We offer Australian made swimwear is bright and trendy, and it's constructed from a higher quality fabric that's both strong and durable. It's also fade-resistant. Traditional one-piece suits are ideal for lounging on the beach or swimming Two-piece bikini sets are ideal for sunbathing. The crisscross straps, and flounce skirts are chic details that compliment all of our designs, adding elegance to the silhouette while highlighting the youthful unique fusionist style. Our girls' swimwear will turn every girl into the perfect beach girl with its colorful materials and unique designs!

  • Participate in water activities

There's plenty of swimwear for every person regardless of what kind of swimming they choose. Swimming is a fantastic activity for ladies no matter if they prefer to enjoy swimming for fun or for fun, or in competition, our ladies ‘ swimwear will make the ideal companion. Daisy bikinis, trendy tankini sets, and gorgeous one-pieces are great for an afternoon at the beach since they provide security and comfort.

Swimwear Care Guide

  • Wash off before wearing swimwear

If you're lucky enough to have time we recommend taking a bath prior to wearing the Australian made swimwear. Dirt, grease, deodorants facial and skin creams, sunscreen, cosmetics, leave-in moisturizers, and other items will stick to your swimsuit effortlessly. Although the chemicals present used in these products usually wash away in the water they may cause harm. The sun, oil, grease and other chemical compounds should be avoided at all costs.

  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces

Fabric may snag or pill when it comes into close contact with surfaces that are rough. The surfaces that are rough should be avoided, such as pool walls and decks, lane ropes beginning blocks, as well as concrete benches. This means you shouldn't sit on the pool deck, lane ropes, or drag yourself out over the pool's edge. Be sure not to slip over one of the lanes ropes when crossing to the other edge of the pool. Instead take a swim to exit underneath the ropes that run along the lane. If you would like to relax on the edge of the pool, deck, or starting blocks, you can use a towel, kickboard, or even a pool bell. Always use the stairs to get out of the pool.

  • After each use Wash your swimsuit after each use.

If you've put on to wear your Australian made swimwear during the course or during practice make sure to wash it as soon as you can and rinse it with cold, fresh water before placing it on a flat surface to dry. While most of us would prefer to hop into the hot tub after an event or workout however this is the most foolish thing to do. It is not recommended that you bleach or iron, or dry clean your swimsuit and it shouldn't be stretched to dry.

  • Never keep your towel in your swimsuit

We've all done it and the majority of us do it on a daily basis and leaving the towel in your swimming bag, locker, or car for the duration of the day or night is among the most infuriating actions you could do. In the presence of darkness, humidity and heat can encourage bacteria to develop, causing the fabric to degrade more quickly when wet swimsuits are folded in the towel.



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