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Authors Who Merchandise Boost Their Profits

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When you write and self-publish a book, earning money for it is the goal for many writers. As a result, it's common for writers to augment their book publicity and marketing programs with additional elements. One of the more popular ones is producing merchandise connected to your book. The classic items are t-shirts, caps, and mugs, but the list has grown today. Authors now commonly make branded cases for electronic devices or other wearables. As long as you can reach your fans with the opportunity to purchase your items, merchandising opens up a new revenue and promotional stream. 

If you appear at events, you should give away some items, such as tote bags branded with your book's title and cover art. They're an excellent way to achieve visibility and market your work. It's less costly than traditional advertising and can bring fantastic results when well-planned and executed. People also love to win branded items in contests and giveaways. It's increasingly common these days to run contests on social media; if you do, having ready-made prizes is helpful. The quality and pricing of your merchandise can depend on your book's topic and your target audience's interests and income.

Delving deeper into some popular categories, let's consider apparel. Sweatshirts mix nicely with the primary offering of t-shirts and caps. They carry a higher price point but may become more popular in the long run. Many authors sell apparel with their book's title. Others feature prominent quotes or even the cover art. If you plan to explore merchandising, you can keep it in mind when working with a cover designer. Some of those elements can carry over to the merchandise, and you may find a designer interested in working with you on both. Some may even have connections to manufacturers.

Again, depending on your genre, posters can be popular. In the young adult genre, teenagers love to collect posters from their favorite books and hang them on bedroom walls. With social media, images end up online and can be persuasive promotion with other target readers. Your book's cover may be re-produced easily in a larger size, perfect for a poster. If not, your designer can offer an alternate version that looks good in a larger size. Office products such as Post-it notes are popular branded merchandise items. Specific colors connected to your book and its title can be included.

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