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When you're writing books and self-publishing them, there are many details to attend to, like finding the right editor and settling on a cover design. There are also must-dos, such as registering an ISBN number for books. But none of it matters unless you write productively and have your book ready to be published. For most authors, finding moments to write can be elusive, and the distractions of life can interrupt your creative flow. Therefore, finding ways to incentivize yourself to write and block out time to be productive is essential. What works for one writer is rarely the same for another.

No matter how your creative process works, there likely are times when an excellent idea floats through your mind. When it happens, make sure you have a way to write it down somewhere, so you don't forget. Some people also benefit from calendars and setting deadlines for accomplishing specific tasks like finishing a chapter. Any toll that comfortably (or almost comfortably) helps you stay organized is helpful. If you become unfocused, it's easy for time to pass, and very little gets accomplished. There are many calendar apps today with unique functions. Check out the ones you think might be helpful.

If you're a nonfiction writer, your book may require interviews, research, and other information gatherings. First, make sure you are working your way through those needs in an organized manner, and secondly, keep the information you gather easily to retrieve. You might even enter a note on a future date on your calendar to make sure you return to an interview or research while it's still fresh in your mind. Any techniques like these will make you a more organized and productive writer. Keeping a to-do list is also an excellent idea for many people. It might sound simplistic at first, but it can be a significant help.

Time blocking for anything you want to accomplish can help you get it done, writing a book included. It can be a good idea to sit down with your calendar weekly and plan for some of the time on each upcoming day. You might now follow the plan strictly, but returning to it will remind you of the things that would be good to accomplish on that day. Adding structure to life makes many people more productive and reduces stress when you begin each day – because you won't need to start by deciding what to do. With a concrete plan in writing, you'll have direction and focus on being productive.


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