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When it comes to compiling a great autobiography of your life and what experiences you went through an autobiography making app is all the rage. Although it is a new concept away from the traditional style of hiring a writer to make a biography or doing it yourself people have suddenly started taking an interest in this novel idea.

Biography Story Maker App The New Rage

What has made the autobiography online maker app a talk of the town is the level of ease and versatility that it brings to composing biographies. All you want to do is signup on the provider website and start making a real-life story there and then. The best thing about the app is that you need only a smartphone and a net connected device to make your life story.

How does It work?

The instant autobiography online maker app has an AI Bot that does all the heavy lifting. The bot is programmed to conduct a virtual, in-depth verbal interview of the user. A series of custom created questions are asked by the bot and you have to give the best possible replies to each question based on yourlife-events. As you speak the software extracts that information and churns a biography that represents your life exactly but in an interesting way.

User has the options to use the iOS/Android apps on their smartphone or they can call the AI Bot on the phone for a direct interaction like you are chatting with a friend to answer their biography interview questions.

Biography Online App Is User-Friendly

The autobiography online maker app is a breeze to use and is result oriented. Just sign up from your connected device. Then chat with the bot to create your biography. After paying a small fee start sharing the story of your life with others. The good thing about the story making app is that it allows sharing your biography with an unlimited number of people. Once you are done with making a biography you can listen to it and then share it anytime you want with your loved ones. The only limitation is how much information about your life you come out with and tell the bot.

Biography Online App Connects With Loved One

Like any other social media options like Facebook, Instagram the biography app too is a platform to connect people with each other while sitting at their home, in office, or on the fly. Just feed all the information about your life events and sit back. The bot will create an interesting story that is shareable with loved ones. Keep sharing your biography with your children, grandchildren so that they can know how your childhood days were like.

Nut Shell

The biography app is a meaningful concept that does away with the tediousness of creating a biography and with a few simple replies to questions makes an entertaining, true-to-life biography of you that you can then share it with your loved ones and connect with people in an imaginative way. In this way, you can keep in touch with people who matter and also share your wisdom, the fun moments, the sad moments and awkward moments of your life.


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