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Automation anywhere training in chennai

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Automation Anywhere is a popular Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform that allows organizations to automate repetitive tasks and business processes using software robots. Here are some common topics covered in an Automation Anywhere training program:

  1. Introduction to RPA and Automation Anywhere: Understanding the basics of Robotic Process Automation, its benefits, and how Automation Anywhere fits into the RPA landscape.

  2. Automation Anywhere Architecture: Exploring the components and architecture of the Automation Anywhere platform, including the Control Room, Bot Runners, and Bot Creators.

  3. Bot Creation: Learning how to create software bots using Automation Anywhere's drag-and-drop interface. Understanding how to record, edit, and execute tasks.

  4. Task Editor: Understanding the Task Editor and various commands available for building automation scripts.

  5. Variables and Data Types: Working with variables to store and manipulate data during bot execution.

  6. Loops and Conditions: Implementing loops and conditional statements in bots to make automation more flexible and robust.

  7. Error Handling: Learning how to handle errors and exceptions during bot execution to ensure smooth automation flow.

  8. Web Automation: Automating tasks on web applications and websites using Automation Anywhere.

  9. Excel Automation: Automating tasks involving data manipulation in Microsoft Excel.

  10. Email Automation: Configuring bots to handle email interactions and automate email-based tasks.


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