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Update Your Drivers for Free with Avast's License Key

Drivers are software that enable your computer to communicate with your hardware, such as your sound card or mouse. While most drivers are created by the companies that make the hardware, Windows and Macs also ship with built-in drivers that control basic parts of the operating system. The problem is that these built-in drivers don’t always keep up with new hardware, which means you might be missing out on speed and efficiency simply because your operating system can’t communicate with your components properly anymore. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: you can download third-party drivers for free from Avast!

What are drivers?
Drivers are what allow your computer to interact with hardware devices. Without drivers, you wouldn’t be able to use anything plugged into your computer, whether it’s a printer, mouse or external hard drive. Most drivers come preinstalled on Windows and Mac computers, but they can become outdated or corrupted over time. To keep them from causing problems, you should update your drivers regularly. Avast Driver Updater is one of many tools designed to do just that. It will automatically scan your system for updates in real-time and provide a list of missing or outdated drivers along with easy download links—no tech savvy required!

How do I use Avast Driver Updater?
Avast Driver Updater is available in three versions, each priced at a different price point. The first version is free and provides quick access to an online database that includes license keys to driver software that can be installed on your computer. If you want additional features such as driver updates and access to new drivers not yet available in their database, you’ll need to upgrade to one of two more expensive versions. When starting up your computer after installing any version of Avast Driver Updater, it runs a check on all devices attached to your computer and looks for outdated or faulty drivers. It then prompts you to update them if necessary. This process takes just a few minutes and then your device will have updated drivers. You can also manually run a scan from within Avast Driver Updater by clicking Scan Now from its main screen.

How does it work, exactly?
Avast Driver Updater is a free tool that works to keep your PC’s drivers up-to-date automatically. It also notifies you when new updates are available and gives you options as to how you want them installed. When updating, it can update all devices on your computer at once or one by one. It is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, which makes it useful even if you have more than one computer in your home. To install and run it

Which driver should I update first?
If you’re having problems with your computer, you probably need to update a driver. If your printer, mouse, or keyboard isn’t working properly, it’s possible a driver issue is causing that. It’s also possible a poorly-performing video card could be slowing down your entire computer. You can find out by downloading an app like Driver Booster and running it on your PC. The application will check all of your drivers against an updated database and let you know which ones are outdated or need to be updated. If there are any issues, we'll also let you know what they are and how to fix them. To help keep drivers up-to-date in future use Driver Booster Pro!

What happens after I click Update all drivers?
After you click Update all drivers, Windows will scan your computer and automatically download and install any new or updated drivers that it finds. If a new driver is found, you'll be prompted to choose whether or not to install it. If a new driver isn't needed, your computer will just continue on its merry way. Clicking Update all drivers isn't an automatic process like clicking Update in Windows is—you have to take an extra step by choosing whether or not to download any newly discovered updates.

Can I go back and update any specific drivers later on?
For these drivers, you won't be able to go back to a previous version. The drivers are locked in time. If you do have an issue after updating, uninstall Avast and then reinstall it. This should fix any driver issues that may occur. If it doesn't work, please reach out to our support team at [email protected] and we can assist you further.

Is my privacy protected when I use this feature?
Absolutely. Our Privacy Policy is a good place to start and there are several measures in place to protect you from prying eyes. For starters, we only request and store limited information about your computer – nothing related to your actual identity or personal information, such as full name, address, email, phone number etc… – which means that nobody outside of our company can identify you. We also use some of our own proprietary technologies (based on code signing) which means that even if a hacker tried to reverse engineer our code they wouldn’t be able to get any data out of it because it would be encrypted and digitally signed.




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