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The technological advancements from Avatar: The Last Airbender to The Legend of Korra has taken place at a quick pace. The Avatar world has changed so much in recent years that it is tough to make sense of the progress that has been made in the last few decades. The rise of bending has diminished the importance and influence of weapons, but as the weapons caught up with the bending arts, they became relevant again. The original Avatar series made it very clear that the right weapon in the wrong hands is just as dangerous as someone who can use bending to worsen society. Although it’s natural to compare bending with some of the most powerful weapons, a much more interesting comparison will be of the weapons with each other.

Space Sword

Symbolically speaking, there is no better weapon in the Avatar world that can put up with bending other than the sword. Before retirement, the legendary swordsman Piandao was known to have defeated more than 100 Fire Nation soldiers, which was an impressive feat considering the disadvantages that he had dealt with. Before she started learning from Paindao, Sokka forged a sword from a meteor that had a unique edge and sheen. It was so strong that it easily cut through stone statues with relative ease. When Sokka desperately needed the sword to work, it did not let him down and easily dug into the metal hull of the airship before slicing off the platform on which his enemy was standing.  Although it might not be as devastating as other weapons on the list, it was still lethal enough to cause a lot of damage.

Kyoshi’s armor

It is quite common for the non-benders to use weapons to become as efficient as the benders. But for some reason, benders too love to use their weapons. Skilled benders like Zuko have swords, Aang too has his stuff, so it appears that despite having affecting bending mastery, benders too like to have their weapons. But when it comes to benders, no one’s weapon is close to Avatar’s Kyoshi armor. She has been quite intelligent to her armor’s use, which protects her from swords and arrows. However, despite its effectiveness, she decided to make it even heavier in the Shadow of Kyoshi.

Spit Darts
Strangely, one of the most effective and deadly weapons in the series was the one that rarely made any appearance. Before the world of Avatar was taken over by technological advancements, most weapons were quite similar to those in the real world. However, the weapon that truly stood out was Spit Darts used by the beetle-headed merchants. The merchants used it to tame Appa, and it was later used by the Red Lotus to paralyze Korra. Only a few darts were enough to take down the ski bison in an instant. Although there is little information about the beetle-headed merchants, it’s obvious that they surely know a lot about the kind of weapon that they should be using.

Taser Gloves

One of the most important weapons that diminished the power gap between the bender and non-benders was the Taser gloves made by Hiroshi Sato for the use of the Equalist movement. Led by Amon, the Equalist movement was dedicated to overthrowing the corrupt regime that had oppressed non-benders for decades. They almost succeeded in achieving their goals, and it was the Taser gloves that helped them get so far. The weapon could incapacitate anyone instantly and proved to be an excellent tool for the Equalist movement.

If it hadn’t been for the Taser gloves, the Equalist movement would have never been as threatening as they were. The most dangerous version of the weapon was used by the right-hand man of Amon, Lieutenant, which gave him a distance advantage over other Taser gloves. But still, the most proficient fighter with the gloves was Hiroshi’s daughter, Asami. Interestingly she did not use it the way her father would have wanted.

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