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When you're an owner of a pool, there are tons of things that you will have to juggle and try and maintain or else your pool will turn into a mess. There is an order to how they are taken care of the pool to avoid the costly pool pump repair

Here are some common mistakes that can leave you needing to call for pool pump repair-

Turning Off Your Pool Pump

Pool pumps and filters are susceptible. If you don't have them maintained regularly by a professional, you run the risk of spending money on costly repairs. As such, if you want to save yourself money and time, you must get your pool's pump, filter, and electrical systems inspected by a professional regularly since these things keep your water clean and bacteria-free. It's also ideal for making sure that these professionals thoroughly explain their findings and share with you helpful pointers so that when it comes down to doing the tasks for keeping your pool clean, everyone is aware of all of the fundamentals to look out for. 

Letting Pets Play in The Pool

You've finally finished readying your home for the summer. While you're spending some much-needed downtime at the pool, you should make sure to keep your pets far away. For starters, there is nothing more unpleasant than walking into a high-cleanliness area and smelling the odour of a wet dog or cat. Also, if your pet swims in the pool, there could be a chance that extra hair may get stuck in pipes and clog them over time, which will need to be repaired. Especially since it's recommended to have check-ups every six months by a professional, having clogged pools are just not worth it!

Using the Wrong Chemicals

When choosing pool chemicals, it's vital to realize that not all of them are the same. Instead of guessing, it is always best to have trusted pool care and maintenance company test your water first so that you know exactly what your pool needs most. Schedule regular visits from Prizm Elite Pools Care & Maintenance. We will provide you with swimming pool services like testing your water every week so that you never need to worry about suddenly realizing there is something wrong with your water because our technicians will test it for you weekly. 

Not Cleaning the Filters

Cleaning the pump & filter is essential. If not done, it may affect your water quality. It doesn't take long to clean, but if more than a month passes, you might have to have your pool cleaned sooner because the impurities will stick around and cause issues in other parts of the system as well. This can be something you can add to your regular cleaning services.

Ignoring Small Leaks & Cracks

If you have a small crack or hole in the wall that's starting to leak some water, don't ignore it! If a problem is ignored, it will only grow, and the consequences will be far worse than they would have been initially. For example, a small crack in your swimming pool today could expand to where it needs serious repairs later on if it isn't dealt with properly at the beginning.

Winterize Your Pool

Winterizing your swimming pool build can be complicated and a little of a hassle. But, ignoring the winterization process is asking for trouble. From ripped liners to frozen pipes, a list of problems can happen if you decide not to winterize your pool build. When your swimming season is over, you want to make sure all pumps and hoses are drained and disconnected. You also want to cover the pool with a tarp or some sort of cover, so it remains debris-free and doesn't get damaged or destroyed by the elements. These are just some simple things you can do to avoid costly repair issues.

If you notice that you need a pool pump repair near me, Prizm Elite Pools is here to help. We handle all types of Pool pump repair. You can be sure with our technicians as they are licensed and insured. 

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