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Avoiding Alcohol in Summers

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People usually have a tendency to go out in the summers and enjoy with their family and friends with chilled drinks which also consists of chilled alcoholic beverages by boat sides or beaches or at times by attending barbecues in the backyard of their own homes. But, there are many downward effects of mixing alcohol with summer times which can even take a dangerous turn at times. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India and the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai states that drinking alcohol in summer time has the capability to impair the physical and mental ability of the human body as the exposure of sun and heat can result in disastrous turns as times, where one can either face the harsh results of serious injuries. Some of the main issues are stated below by the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India. They are as follows:


  • Dehydration: One of the most important issues is the problem of dehydration as the consumption of alcohol causes the start of dehydration in the body which also comes with the duty of becoming diuretic where the body starts to get rid of important fluids in the body. Thus, alcohol produces heat inside the body which thus raises the body temperature at a much faster rate and the sweat producing power therefore also increases and the perspiration process cools the body at a much faster rate. Therefore, the alcohol consumption then further goes ahead towards the process of dehydration which makes the body urinate and perspire both which is not normal. When one goes for excess consumption of alcohol, the irritation in the stomach results in the heights of vomiting which again goes ahead and decreases the body’s power and need for fluids and increases the risk and cause of dehydration. A mild dehydration can be treated easily, however moderate to severe indeed requires a sincere need of medical attention where hospitalisation also is at times comes under requirement.


  • Heat Stroke: In relation to dehydration, summers also have the power to put a heat stroke on a human body where this heat-related illness is very powerful bringing the immunity level down of the individual when the body is out in summers for a long period of time. Heat stroke mainly occurs when the body is not able to maintain a basic temperature for a long period of time, and the body from inside starts producing internal heat which mainly has the tendency to remain cool. Thus, when the body lacks the process of developing enough fluids, the body does not have the capacity to cool itself down. Therefore, being out in the summers without a way to hold onto the temperatures, optic for alcohol beverages is not the best option as alcohol makes the body warm from inside which fastens the process of getting a heat stroke more often. The symptoms can thus include having a severe headache, confusion, hallucinations, seizures, disorientation and more.


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