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Do you know how to take maintenance of your diamond?

A diamond, whether in the engagement ring or the wedding ring, is a stone that requires special care, here are some practical tips that will help you keep this precious stone intact for years.

The Engagement Rings will be those jewels that will be in charge of symbolizing the union in which you have participated and that will remain for the rest of your lives and before the rest of the world, this piece with a strong implicit sentimental meaning will increase its value in all aspects.

If you have decided to include diamonds in them, so they will become one of your most valuable possessions, so it will require all the care of the case since each jewel requires special attention according to its composition.

For example, a gold ring with ruby ​​will require different care than a silver one with an emerald, so we will leave you with these recommendations that will help you take care of your diamond and make it last an eternity, tips that They will also serve those couples who are in the stage of proposing and delivering engagement rings in case the result of this was solitaire with a beautiful diamond. Solitaire Engagement Rings are needed more care than Other Rings because they do have no support from other Side Diamonds.

  1. No risk of loss

To carry out cleaning at home, they must carefully choose the place where to do it, many people choose to do it in the sink or even in the laundry room of the house, it is recommended to use a container, in this way they will avoid scares that it will go by the drain, no one wants to lose such a precious jewel in this way.

  1. Cleaning at home

In their new life as a couple, they will have to organize different daily activities to contribute to the order and cleanliness of the home, the stage of where to put on the engagement ring has already been left behind, and the illusion of preparations is lived.

One of the tasks that must be included in the homework is to properly clean the gold wedding rings with diamonds every two or three weeks, for this, they must prepare a solution with warm water and soap (for delicate hands) and nothing more, completely rule out the use of limpid or liquids that contain chlorine in their composition, since this can cause a whitening of the stone in addition to discolouring the rings and reducing their shine.

Let soak for 3 minutes to remove grease or dirt, followed by using a very soft bristle brush to sweep away any residue that may remain and finally proceed to dry with a soft cloth.

  1. Caution with daily tasks

We recommend removing white gold wedding bands and, in general, any type of jewel, to carry out household activities such as washing dishes, gardening, cleaning the bathroom and any task that exposes the piece to any corrosive product. Taking care of your lifetime investment like diamond jewelry is more necessary.

  1. Shine bring like a diamond

And if what you want is for your jewel to shine as Rihana says in her song “shine like a diamond”, gently rubbing the gemstone with a chamois cloth soaked in a few drops of 90° alcohol will bring back the shine like that of the first day in the marriage proposal and commitment. Make your wedding anniversary gift like a First Marriage Proposal time gift.

  1. Regular Professional Cleaning

Every 6 months or at least once a year, we recommend you go to the jewelry store where you purchased your rings. Leave them in professional hands so they can do a deep cleaning so they look like new.

  1. Keep them as the Treasure they are

To store them, it is best to cover them well and prevent them from rubbing against each other or with other jewelry, as this could cause scratches. Try not to use paper napkins or plush fabrics, prefer silk or cotton. If you have Diamond Tennis Bracelet, then its care is need more caution. because its raw diamond line can affect each other also if you can put in any place. Put a tennis bracelet in a particular jewelry box with silk or cotton.


In short, regarding the care of diamond jewelry, the most important thing is to treat it with care and dedicate the corresponding attention to ensure its duration for many years. Just as this piece requires all the care and dedication, in the same way, you should take care of your relationship, remember to dedicate phrases of love and small details that nurture and allow you to keep your union intact so that it lasts just like your diamonds.


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