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Ayahuasca Ceremony and Its Positive Effects on Your Mental Health

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Everyone’s talking about mental health and how one needs to take better care of it these days. But is talking about it going to help you in the long run? Perhaps not. 


Group therapies and visits to the psychiatrist once in two weeks do not solve your problems or the state of your mental health. What about the other days when you are having a mental breakdown? You need something more than just group therapy. 


We’ve got the answer. Have you heard about the Ayahuasca ceremonies? 


The concept may seem new but it is not as new as you think. Ayahuasca ceremonies have been taking place in many countries for decades. These days you can find ayahuasca retreats in Mexico and other parts of the world. Partaking in an ayahuasca center in Mexico can be an enriching experience for someone who is going through mental health concerns. 


But what is ayahuasca? And why should mental health patients go to a retreat to seek a permanent solution? Let’s reveal the answers to these questions in this post. 


What is Ayahuasca? 


Ayahuasca is a beverage or a tea drink made with multiple plants. The tea has DMT which produces powerful hallucinations. It is used in many South American ceremonies. Shamans have used this beverage to treat several ailments for hundreds of years. 


As per new research, ayahuasca can also be an effective treatment for anxiety and depression. 




Ayahuasca is a strong drink, and it is heavily used in Brazil and Peru for creating hallucinations in the participants or users. The brew can’t be made with random leaves – special plants in the Amazon rainforest are used for making this beverage. 


These ceremonies now take place in remote areas and luxury retreats. Many celebrities have also opted for ayahuasca ceremonies to break free from addiction and depression. 


Ayahuasca ceremonies are getting popular among Americans, who travel to South America and Central America to participate in these events. 


You have to choose a trusted luxurious retreat for this ceremony because not everyone makes potent ayahuasca brews. 


What Effects Can Be Expected From Ayahuasca? 


Considering many people are opting for ayahuasca, there must be a valid reason why it is getting famous. 


When you sign up for an ayahuasca ceremony, you can expect a traditional setting deep within the jungle or wilderness. A shaman is there to initiate the ceremony and prepare the drink. You can find some reputable ayahuasca retreats in Mexico. 


Once the participants drink the beverage, they may vomit or go through diarrhea too. But these are some of the common side effects. Moreover, you will find that purging is quite normal in these ceremonies. It will help cleanse your body and prepare your body for whatever is yet to come. 

After purging, you experience hallucinations. It is caused by the presence of DMT. During this ceremony, you may also get visions. A wonderful experience is guaranteed only if you go to a reputable and luxurious retreat. The effects of this drink will stay for a few hours, and the ceremony will be performed at night. 

The retreat may ask you to go on a specific detox diet before the ceremony. They might ask you to abstain from intercourse and refrain from drinking alcohol or taking certain medications. 



How Do The Participants Take Ayahuasca?


Traditionally, there is a shaman in the ceremony. They give the drink to the group of people. This drink can resolve certain illnesses, including mental health problems. 


Whatever emotions have chained you so far, the ayahuasca drink will help you break free from depression. Ayahuasca is taken in the form of a drink where the leaves are boiled. And the participants may be given two to three beverages. 

The healer also chants and sings during the ceremony, and the setup is also quite traditional. 

What are the Positive Effects of Ayahuasca? 

When going for an ayahuasca ceremony, you should know of the outcomes too. The beverage is used for resolving life or spiritual crises. You may be troubled due to monetary loss or a certain kind of grief. If you want enlightenment, ayahuasca ceremonies can be the best answer. 

We know that depression weighs you down, but it is not impossible to get out of the deep pit. With ayahuasca, you will feel an increase in energy, hallucinate, and get mixed feelings and senses. 

The experience is other-worldly, and some participants also view it as a heavenly experience. But always remember that the experience may differ from one person to another. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Ayahuasca ceremonies are indeed helpful for mental health patients. 

Life can be brutal, and problems will arise. Some are strong enough to deal with them, but there is no harm in taking help or seeking solace. Choose an ayahuasca retreat to get peace and break free from prolonged sadness. 


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