Azure Modular Data Center of Microsoft Can Offer Worldwide Connections

Microsoft has recently launched a modular data center with the help of which people can easily access the services related to cloud computing from any location around the world. Azure is a portable, modular data center that can easily handle all the challenging environments. Data centers are also known as the backbone of the Network, where the user stores a vast amount of his information.

The Azure MDC (Modular Data Center) can effectively increase the technical abilities of the users. By offering a rigid, shielded transportable unit, it ensures to keep the infrastructure online.

Microsoft has partnered with the satellite providers to offer high-end connectivity to modular data center units deployed in the field. The traffic will automatically get transferred to the backup satellite connection to let the Azure services carry on even during the network disruption.

General Manager of Azure Global Industry Sovereign Solutions, Bill Karagounis, explained through his statements that the company’s main aim of designing these modular data centers was to fulfill the requirements of the customers who live in remote areas or challenging environments wanting to use cloud computing capabilities. He further said that the MDC’s announcement is supported by the Azure Space partnerships and offerings that can easily extend the connectivity of the satellites across the globe.

Alongside the announcements related to the modular data control, confirmation regarding the launch of the ecosystem of satellite providers, Azure Space, will build up new and exciting networking capabilities. There’s already an opportunity available, a SpaceX Starlink partnership offering low-latency broadband for modular data center units.

Microsoft is excited to establish its services within the most remote and challenging environments. The collaboration of the modular data center units with Azure Space will offer better and more strong connectivity even to the highly remote areas across the globe.

Microsoft has also planned to offer support to the space research programs and community. As you can see, The Azure Orbital Emulator provides the developers of the satellites a dedicated space setting to test the AI algorithms before launching the satellite. The Azure Orbital Emulator is already in use and by the Azure Government.

Final Verdict

So, this was all about the new modular data center, Azure. Being Microsoft’s own cloud computing service, Azure is used by eBay, Boeing, and Samsung. The Azure MDC is designed in such a way that it will undoubtedly work almost everywhere.

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