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There are many Indian hairstyles for men which we see and witness in today’s fashion market. They keep changing, and men are keen to keep up with the latest trends. Hair styling has become easy, and there are several styles in the market, which can make you look better as per choice and occasion. Some hairstyles may be suited for all, and others may only be appropriate and suit particular faces. Styles rely on the thickness, length, and quality of hair.

Finally, the most important part is where you choose the right hairstyle in order to make your best possible impression, regardless of all the above. You should know more about different hairstyles for men, Indians for the most appropriate haircut for you to have! Read on to find what suits you the most!


5 Trending Men’s Hairstyles in India for Medium & Long Hair:

New Indian hairstyles are here; so let’s check out our latest hair styles and hairstyles for men India.


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  1. Shaggy Cut:

Though it may at times appear somewhat disheveled, shaggy hair is in style.This hairstyle requires no maintenance that keeps hair out of the spot.The hairstyle in this image challenges tradition but also the wind. A shaggy crop challenges the tenets of consistency, thinking outside the box of fastidiously brushed hair. It gives a smooth appearance that's sophisticated, current, and sophisticated. Need a case? Hollywood's Kal Penn has the correct approach to wear this hair style. Wearing his slightly rumpled, shaggy bolts rather more expertly, Kal builds a modish, slightly youthful picture, which is neither stuffy, nor adolescent-looking.Any fellow who needs to push the envelope on traditional ideas should choose the shaggy cut.


  • This is the best hairstyle for boys and people under 27 years of age.
  • This style would look best on someone with an oval-shaped face and straight hair.
  • The winter season is the best time to try this hairstyle.
  • Team it up with a jacket and shirt to make it look stylish.
  • You have a list of places to go with your friends.
  1. Combed Back:

This remains a popular hairstyle, with cool new men's styles making it a cool style for modern men. This style of hairdo grew and is brushed back is an excellent, enduring style. It is used, both on adolescent and mature men with a broad forehead. And it provides a neat appearance all over. No matter what type of hairdo you have, you will be able to achieve a slick appearance at the next wash.

  • This classy look is well known for men and women who are 40 years of age and below..
  • In case you have an oval or round face you can look dashing here with any type of hair.
  • Team it up with clothes that you want to wear.
  • Moreover, you can attend any ceremonies, parties, or family events with this hairstyle.
  • The autumn is the best season for this hairstyle.
  1. Mopped-up Look:

Not kidding, this is also one of the latest trends and best-selling styles in short hairstyles for Indian men. It is considered as a trend among Indian men, which is the best one as it looks like a true boss. You can totally look cool by wearing this.

  • This type of swimsuit is ideal for young boys and is best suited for the summer season.
  • Give it up with casual shirts and T-shirts all along with jeans.
  • You can attend clubbing or parties or gatherings with relatives and look cool.
  • This is a good option for oval-shaped faces and curly hair.
  1. Long Crew Cut:

Due to the tropical and subtropical climates of the Indian climate, this short style is the best option in the market. It is the most suitable for all facial shapes and gives a fashionable look. What else is required? Comfortable, stylish, and cool in one go. This haircut is popular among Indian boys.

  • Suitable for both men and boys of all ages.
  • Can wear casual or formal clothes on all occasions. The most important thing is?
  • Ideal for the summer season.
  • It does look good for all hair types and oval-shaped faces only.
  1. The Straight Shag:

This look has been carried off successfully by many celebrities like Shahid Kapoor, who is a popular Indian actor. This is the “jawline” which elongates and narrows the face. To achieve this look, you will require long, shoulder length hair. At the front, most of your hair will asymmetrically fall over to your forehead. This hairstyle will sport medium layers at the back. It would be an ideal style of hair for boys in India

  • This hairstyle is better and more suitable for Indian boys.
  • The best season for this style of dress is summer.
  • Can be worn with casual T-shirts and jeans.
  • Even if you do not have the most perfect hair or face type, you can still pull it off.



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