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Baby Name as Birth Chart can Change Fortune

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The parents usually go through hundreds of names to select most appropriate name for their newly arrived baby. Choosing a name for baby is an engaging task. After all, it's about naming your bundle of joy! What if we tell you that name is something more than just giving an identity to your young one? Your baby name as birth chart can shape whole of his personality and achievements in life. Yes, it's true!

In child astrology, we suggest keeping a name for the child that helps to enhance the quality and growth of the child's life. The correct name helps to strengthen the child's personality while bringing over all fortune to him in all walks of life. 

Astrology and naming your baby

We all have our unique birth charts with unique planetary placements. The Sun sign, the Moon sign, and the Lagna are responsible for shaping our thought processes and physique. But here, we are talking about attracting positive cosmic energy to enrich our child's life. For that matter, we need to focus on the Nakshatra of your natal Moon. The Moon represents our water, minds, and emotion. It works on our psychic and inner selves. We unanimously agree that 80% of our body consists of water. We usually feel emotional turmoil close to Purnima and Amavasya due to the proximity of the Moon to the Earth. Thus, the Moonlight affects our mental and then physical state.

In Vedic Astrology, Moon gains prime importance as we are what we think! The Moon sign in kundali analysis has its role in shaping our emotional side. But the Janam nakshatra, or the birth star, assumes prime importance in ensuring prosperity in life.   

There are 27 nakshatras in Vedic Astrology, and the Moon may reside in any of these. Each Nakshatra has its specific syllables, which are considered auspicious for that Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra has four padas and depending upon the pada in which a person is born, and the syllable may differ. All the syllables have been prominently described in our ancient astrological texts. For example, for an individual born in Aries sign and Ashwini nakshatra, the first syllable suggested are chu, che, la, li, aa.

It may be the case that the Moon is highly afflicted in the birth chart or parents need help finding an appropriate name. Then the Sun sign or the ascendant sign, if very strong, can also be used for naming the child. But the first preference is the Moon sign and its Nakshatra. 

What does a baby's name, as per the birth chart, do?

Once you keep the baby name as zodiac sign, you will surely attract positivity in your child's life. A correct name attracts sound health, good education, a successful career, blissful married life, fame, and a satisfactory life as an individual.    

Each Nakshatra has a specific deity. When we keep our baby's name as per the appropriate Nakshatra, we tend to attract the blessings of that deity for our child. The calling of the name of your baby with the correct syllable energizes the concerned Nakshatra and thus attracts good vibes and blessings of the Nakshatra toward your baby. We all are surrounded with energies, and channelizing the right energy through your body makes you fortunate and gives all good things in life!

The timing of naming your baby is crucial

Naming your baby or Namakaran is one of the essential sanskaras of shodhash (16) sanskaras, i.e., rituals. Our ancient seers knew the relevance of names in our lives. Based on this knowledge, a naming ceremony or Namkaran ritual became a religious practice. In Astrology, the importance of  naming ceremony is equivalent to marriage and other auspicious ceremonies. 

A name is so vital that we tend to react even if someone calls our name in our deep sleep. The name constitutes an essential element of our subconscious mind. Thus, a name should be meaningful and kept as per the birth chart. 

There is a perfect time for Naam Karan, which should be done on a benefic tithi, vaar, and Nakshatra within 12 days of the birth of a child.

  • Fixed Nakshatras – Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Bhadrapada, Uttara Ashada and Rohini
  • Moveable Nakshatras – Swati, Shravana, Punarvasu, Dhanishtha, and Shatbhisha
  • Laghu Nakshatras – Ashwini, Hasta, Pushya and Abhijit are good for naamkaran ritual.
  • Vaar (Day)- Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 
  • Tithi (Date) – 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11,12 and 13th 

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As per traditions, the naming ceremony should be held either on the 11th day or the 21st day of the baby's birth. If not on these prescribed days, the name should be kept on an auspicious day in the 3rd month after asking a scholar.

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